Why Buy Here?

Compliments of Competition

Family-Owned and Locally Operated

Competition BMW was established in 1965, but our roots date back a little bit further to when Competition Automotive Group was established in 1962 by Joseph C Buzzetta. The origins of Competition BMW started when Mr. Buzzetta obtained approval to sell new cars for the Porsche, BMW and Datsun franchises. Joe gained this approval 3 years after opening his garage-which sold and repaired vehicles, and also where Joe prepared his racecars for weekend racing. The Competition Automotive Group is proud to be built on the foundations of family. The Buzzetta Family treats all their employees, customers, and both the local Long Island and New York community like family. Competition Automotive Group and the Buzzetta Family strive to emphasize the importance of supporting and caring for others through various events and opportunities.

We Serve Our Community

Competition BMW is rooted deeply in the Long Island community and we understand the importance of community involvement and giving back. Every member of the Buzzetta family dedicates an extraordinary amount of time to getting involved with the local Long Island community in as many ways as possible. Whether it is raising awareness for World Oceans Day, collecting donations of toys and pajamas during the Holidays, or supporting local businesses, both the Buzzetta Family and Competition BMW are completely dedicated to the organizations they support. The Buzzetta Family strives to make it a point to cast a wide net for encompassing assistance in as many communities as possible. Competition BMW and the entirety of the Buzzetta Family hope to continue to build these incredible, life-long relationships for many, many years to come.

State-Of-The-Art Facility

Competition BMW took its first steps by itself in 1995. Competition BMW formed its own independence after Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown removed themselves from the simultaneously shared building and relocated their storefront to across the street on Middle Country Road, where it resides to this day. Competition BMW strives for the best for our customers. In 2014, Competition BMW purchased additional property and renovated the premises, adding a service drive and expanding westward. Currently, Competition BMW offers a luxurious customer lounge with coffee, snacks, refreshments and magazines, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi and a stylish BMW boutique that is constantly being updated with new merchandise! These additional features support our incredible customers and enables Competition BMW to be as efficient as we are! Our dealership is one that warmly welcomes every single customer, client and visitor into the showroom!

Knowledgeable Staff

At Competition BMW of Smithtown, our customers and their BMWs deserve the best, as they are the best. Our employees are trained strategically in customer service, they are always mindful of any and all customer needs. Our employees wholeheartedly strive to give every single customer the most enjoyable, stress-free, and warm experience possible. Our amazing customers can always call us, email us, or visit our dealership. With many years of experience, knowledge and assistance, our staff is always eager to aid you in any way we can!

Transparent Market-Based Pricing

At Competition BMW, our team takes pride in removing the guesswork, stress, and haggling that is expected in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. With our transparent, market-based pre-owned pricing strategy, our Sales Department uses a software-based system, monitoring over 40,000 different websites and trusted sources everyday such as CarGurus, CarFax, and Kelley Blue Book to name a few. Competition BMW works hard to give you the best price out there, without the back and forth.

No Hidden Fees

At Competition BMW, the price you pay is the price you see! Our dealership believes in a stress-free, fully-transparent, sales process through every single step of the way. Competition BMW respects and is thankful for your time, business and consideration. We can ensure you’ll never be presented with any phony, additional fees at Competition BMW in St. James!

Complimentary CarFax Reports

Our Pre-Owned team is happy to provide all our customers with complimentary CarFax vehicle history reports for added transparency. These reports deliver peace-of-mind to customers while searching for a Pre-Owned vehicle. These reports include important information about a vehicle’s past that potential clients would like to be aware of. These reports help transform the sales process, positively impacting our customers as they are fully informed and confident when purchasing a vehicle from Competition BMW.

Impressive Vehicle Line-Up

Competition BMW is ecstatic to offer a large selection of both New and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. After the expansion of our dealership’s property, it is easier than ever to host such a multitude and multi-purpose fleet of vehicles. Our employees strive to make it easy for you to get into the vehicle of your dreams, any day of any week!

Comprehensive Inspection Checklist

Every vehicle at Competition BMW of Smithtown is required to pass a strenuous quality inspection that goes over every detail of the vehicle before the keys are officially bestowed to its new owner. Our factory-trained technicians ensure every electrical and mechanical system, power accessory, and other additional features of the vehicle are running at tip-top shape so our customers drive away safely with full satisfaction and a smile.

Complimentary Trade Appraisals

Competition BMW offers complimentary trade-in appraisals 5 days a week! There is no need to schedule an appointment, our trade appraisers are always on-site at the dealership! Our trade appraisers will offer a fair market value price on any vehicle you wish to trade-in! Our customers can also get an estimated value for your trade-in vehicle on our website! Simply input your vehicle’s identification number and in roughly 10 seconds you can see your estimated value so you can start to consider your next steps!

BMW Genius

Our friendly BMW geniuses are our best primary source for all things BMW. Competition BMW of Smithtown’s BMW geniuses are always up to date on both newly released and already-established features! Regardless of the vehicle’s production year, our BMW geniuses will educate and pass along that knowledge to you! Our Genius team is specially trained to be able to instruct and educate BMW customers. They are always eager to help you, reach out to Competition BMW of Smithtown to set up your complimentary BMW Encore appointment. This appointment is a special session scheduled for a time of your convenience. Competition BMW of Smithtown ensures that you will take full advantage of all the innovative features your BMW has to offer. After you pick up your beautiful new BMW, our BMW geniuses are available from Monday-Thursday between 9:00am-9:00pm, Fridays from 9:00am-6:00pm, and Saturdays between 10:00am-7:00pm! Our amazing BMW Genius team will answer all of your questions about your BMW, whether it is fresh off our lot or heavily situated at yours!

Shuttle Service/Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

Our team of amazing drivers are available Monday-Friday to aid our incredible customers and shuttle them home, to work, or anywhere local! As your vehicle gets its requested servicing done, you can rest easy (wherever you prefer!) knowing your vehicle is in safe hands. Our friendly drivers can even pick-up your vehicle for you for your service appointment, whether your car is at home or work! Competition BMW of Smithtown will also deliver your vehicle back to you when your service is complete! Every service at Competition BMW of Smithtown ends with your vehicle being washed! Our dealership takes great pride in what we do!

Complimentary Car Washes

Our Service Department makes sure your beautiful BMW is brought back to you looking better than it arrived! This means your daily driver or garage queen will be cleaner than when you initially brought it in! Whether it is the incredible, largest BMW SUV ever, the BMW X7, the intelligent BMW i Models or the iconic BMW M models, your car will be given a complimentary car wash after every single service! This finishing touch is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Complimentary Multi-Point Inspections

Every vehicle that comes into our amazing Service Department receives a complimentary multi-point inspection! Competition BMW of Smithtown wants to ease any and all customer concerns or worries! Our Service Drive is open 6 days a week to assist you! We know your vehicle deserves to be performing at its absolute best constantly! Competition BMW of Smithtown never knows where the road will lead, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle can also go the extra mile(s).

Factory-Trained Technicians

Our factory-trained technicians take pride in knowing all of the ins and outs and tips and tricks of your beautiful BMW vehicle. Our automotive team has first-hand experience and are highly-trained, they take pride in giving your vehicle the self-care it deserves. Drive confidently across Long Island knowing your vehicle is with our Service Department in safe, highly-skilled hands.

BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services

Competition BMW of Smithtown completely respects your time and understands it is precious. We are proud to offer our BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services Plan! For one fixed price of $225 our customers may be eligible to receive 3 years of unlimited oil and oil filter changes* (*Based on your BMW’s Condition Based Service (CBS) system)! This Service Plan is eligible for vehicles older than 60 months or for vehicles with at least 60,000 miles on the odometer. This plan can be purchased multiple times throughout the vehicle’s life so you can maximum every single mile!

Late-Night Pick-Up and Early-Bird Drop-Off Service

Competition BMW of Smithtown has the utmost respect for your time! We are excited to offer late-night pick-up or early-bird drop-off time frames for service appointments for our customers! Late-night pick-up or early-bird drop-off is for our customers who are unable pick-up their vehicle during regular service business hours. This could be due to scheduling conflicts, work-related conflicts or even pre-vacation plans! Customers can drop off their vehicle and keys before we open or after we close! Our safe and secure dealership is always there for you, whether you are here physically or not! Competition BMW of Smithtown strives for efficiency and with these alternate hours, it allows you to get where you need to be, with your vehicle prepared for where it needs to be, our Service Department!

Genuine BMW Parts

Competition BMW of Smithtown uses genuine BMW auto parts with every repair and servicing! These genuine parts provide your vehicle with durability, quality and protection. When using genuine BMW parts, the quality of them reflects in the performance, and your vehicle deserves the very best. Give your beautiful BMW the best by ordering genuine BMW parts from our Parts Center. Customers are always welcome at our dealership and at our Parts Department in St. James to peruse or purchase parts, accessories, oil and filters, or awesome BMW merch!

Indoor Service Drive

Competition BMW of Smithtown is proud of our dealership and we strive for our customers to be equally as pleased as well! We understand the world is unpredictable, which is why we are proud to have an indoor service drive. Our amazing customers don’t have to get out of their vehicles until both their car and themselves are securely inside our Service Center! Fear no rain, snow or outside elements with our indoor service drive! One of our friendly valets will introduce themselves and take your vehicle off your hands!

Complimentary Fluid Top-Offs

Competition BMW of Smithtown warmly welcomes you to our dealership, even if your vehicle doesn’t need servicing! Drive into our secure and spacious indoor service drive and one of our professional valets will top off your coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid and engine oil. Don’t feel sheepish, you can also ask us to check and correct your tire pressure as well! Drive out of our dealership and across Long Island feeling confident and secure in the BMW of your dreams!

Complimentary Courtesy Vehicles

Our Service Department offers a fleet of courtesy vehicles for our customers while their beautiful BMW sedan or SUV gets serviced. Our courtesy vehicles are available upon request and based on our availability and the service being done.

Competition BMW of Smithtown is a proud family-owned and operated dealership that has been serving the North and South Shore of Long Island for over 50 years. Our legacy dates back to 1962 when Joseph C Buzzetta created Competition Auto Group. Since the young age of 18, Joe (as he is known to his friends and family) has always been around the car business. After starting a local auto service shop with a close friend, Oscar Rubio, on Smithtown Boulevard, Joe knew that this could be the start of something everlasting. Over the years, he has been able to procure other franchises and with the help of his three children, Joe Jr., Jim, and Nancy, they have kept the family business going by running Competition BMW of SmithtownCompetition INFINITI of Smithtown, Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown, Mercedes-Benz of Huntington, and Competition Subaru of Smithtown.

Due to the fact that Competition BMW of Smithtown was built on the fundamentals of family, we truly understand the importance of supporting the community of Smithtown through various actions, some of which include giving back to organizations such as St. Charles Hospital, Alternatives for Children, Paws of War, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, LI 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk, Ward Melville Heritage Organization, Celebrate St. James, Smithtown Children’s Foundation, and so much more.

Seeing how wonderful the Smithtown, Lake Grove, Centereach, Miller Place and Kings Park area is really lets us understand why it’s residents deserve a state-of-the-art facility that fits their needs. Competition BMW is proud to have various amenities that we feel will ease the minds of BMW owners in Saint James and Stony Brook.

Starting with our Sales Department, we can proudly say that we always have an impressive line-up of New, Certified Pre-Owned, Pre-Owned, and Off-Brand Cars to fit every budget! We offer at-home test-drives, as well as a custom ordering feature for any interested customers, to make the vehicle purchasing process that much easier. Along with at-home test-drives, we make health and safety procedures our utmost priority, so you know that when you come into our dealership in the Selden vicinity, that your well-being is always considered before anything else!

Whether you are purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned, Standard Pre-Owned, or Off-Brand Vehicle, you will always have the peace of mind knowing that we use transparent market-based pricing, include NO HIDDEN FEES, and that we put our pre-owned vehicles through a rigorous certification inspection process. Not only do we implement all of this, but we also offer complimentary Carfax reports, and trade appraisals. All of this, is to insure that you get to walk away worry free with the vehicle of your dreams at an amazing competitive price!

After you get your beautiful new 2023/2024 vehicle, or pre-owned vehicle delivered to you here at our dealership, or at your Shoreham home, we will always take care of you from Sales, all the way to Service! Visit us at Competition BMW! Luckily for drivers in the East Setauket area, our BMW Service Department is built for convenience and luxury. With an indoor service drive, online service appointment scheduler, monthly specials on service and parts, complimentary courtesy vehicles, shuttle services, pick-up and drop-off services, as well as late-night pick-up and early-bird drop-off, Long Island drivers can work their BMW Oil Change, Brake Repair, or other service into their busy schedule with time to spare. Our customers are also encouraged to make use our complimentary Wi-Fi, and luxurious customer lounge stocked with delicious Starbucks Coffee, refreshments, and snacks! As if this already sounds too good to be true, Competition BMW of Smithtown offers complimentary car washes, multi-point inspections, and fluid top-offs with every service. Our factory trained technicians will always take care of your vehicle using genuine OEM BMW Parts, because for our customers, we will always strive to give them the star treatment!

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