Legendary Classic Supercars

April 23rd, 2019 by

BMW really does live up to their motto that they produce the ultimate driving machine. Some may say that BMW peaked in the 1990s when the following classic cars were released:

E26 M1image

The M1 is considered the greatest BMW ever made by many BMW lovers. Click here to learn more about the comeback this icon is making this July!

E24 M6image

Designed to go fast, the E24 M6 was quick back in the day and still fairly quick today. This sharknose M6 still turns heads 30 years later!

E28 M5Image result for e28 m5

BMW designed a more comfortable vehicle by creating the 4-door sedan while still keeping it sporty with the M5.

E38 750iimage

This 7 series design was timeless and if you wanted serious luxury back in the day, this was the vehicle for you.

E52 Z8image

The BMW Z8 is also one of the few cars in the past 20 years that’s appreciated significantly. Some being sold today are over $200K!

The history of classic BMWs is quite fascinating. Click here to learn more from RoadandTrack about these BMW supercars and see which others are on the list!

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