The BMW 7-Series: Executive Luxury Epitomized

April 11th, 2017 by

For those who value automotive luxury, BMW has always been the brand of choice for drivers of truly discerning taste here in Long Island. Indeed, the BMW demonstrates a mastery of executive luxury craftsmanship and design that is simply unparalleled, and no vehicle is better evidence of that than the new BMW 7-Series.

Take one look at this executive luxury sedan, and it’s easy to see how the BMW 7-Series stands head and shoulders above its competition here in Long Island. With its sculptural exterior design featuring classic BMW styling elements and an array of tasteful colors to choose from, the BMW 7-Series exudes emotive design, leaving a distinct impression on driver and passenger alike. Further sophistication is added by the inviting and refined interior, which is replete with premium leather upholstery, high-quality materials, and technologies like the BMW iDrive 6.0 system and Touch Command tablet. What’s more, with available exclusive options like the Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package, the BMW 7-Series can be both an outstanding executive luxury sedan to drive and be driven in.

If comfort, design, and a stratospheric level of luxury are your priorities in your next car, the BMW 7-Series will certainly meet and exceed your expectations. And if you’re looking to get your hands on the BMW 7-Series sedan here in Long Island, the best place to do so is right here at Competition BMW of Smithtown. Visit us at our Saint James, NY BMW dealership to experience the premium executive luxury of the new BMW 7-Series for yourself today!