Enjoy road-gripping traction in any weather with BMW xDrive All-Wheel Drive

December 22nd, 2016 by

With the temperature dipping with each passing week, it’s clear that the moderate days of winter are fast coming to a close here in Long Island. Now, we Long Islanders are hardy folks, especially considering the tough winters months we have to go through here in Smithtown. And while you may think you’re prepared for the inevitable snow storms ahead, the fact of the matter is, front-wheel drive simply isn’t going to cut it when Jack Frost blows through. Luckily, with the BMW xDrive system available on many of the BMW models we have for sale here at Competition BMW of Smithtown, every commute can be a safer one, no matter the weather.


Available across many of our new BMW models, as well as quite a few of our pre-owned BMW models, the BMW xDrive system allows the vehicle to distribute its power for optimal effectiveness in low traction situations. By detecting wheel speed and potential for slippage, the BMW xDrive system effectively adjusts its power distribution for each wheel, helping you to make confident progress in road situations that would leave other vehicles simply spinning their wheels.

Best of all, even in good road conditions, the BMW xDrive system can be an asset, is it also vectors power while cornering, providing a dynamic, yet responsive on-road manner. So, if you’d like to see how a BMW xDrive-equipped vehicle can enhance your driving experiences, feel free to visit us a Competition BMW of Smithtown for a test drive today!

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