BMW makes parking and pulling out of tight spaces easier with the 7-Series sedan and Display Key

July 28th, 2016 by

Folks, let’s take a moment to be honest here. As drivers in the Long Island area, you have to be comfortable with tight parking spaces from time to time. Especially in the metropolitan area, you’ll often have to contend with squeezing your vehicle into some unreasonably small spaces. And when it comes to getting in and out of your vehicle after finally finding that last tight space in the parking garage? Well, you’d better hold your breath and open your car door as little as possible to slip out without denting your door or the adjacent car. But what if we told you it doesn’t always have to be this way? What if we told you that your car could park itself? If you think it sounds like science fiction, think again! BMW is making remote control parking a reality with its new BMW 7-Series and its innovative Display Key.

The BMW 7-Series‘ Display Key is a revolution in automotive convenience design. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this key fob is jam packed with utility. With its 2.2-inch touchscreen display, drivers have access to information about their vehicle’s fuel levels, estimated range, door locks and windows, and of course, useful features like the auxiliary heating system and remote parking. This last feature is particularly useful in helping to avoid drivers navigating those tight spaces between vehicles that many drivers encounter in the Long Island area. By standing near the parked vehicle, drivers have their vehicles back directly out of the space, ensuring that they can open the door wide and slip behind the steering wheel with ease, rather than precariously side-stepping along the narrow corridor between vehicles.

Of course, once you’re inside the dynamic BMW 7-Series sedan, the level of technological sophistication you’ll enjoy is only enhanced, and while we’d like to go on and on about the premium technology features available with this new breed of luxury sedan, we’re pretty sure we’d run out of blog space if we tried to list them all. So, give us a chance to show you what this high-tech sedan can really do. Stop by Competition BMW of Smithtown, conveniently located to the communities of Saint James, Dix Hills, Melville, Commack, and Huntington, NY, to test drive the incomparable BMW 7-Series sedan today!

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