BMW 3 Series Continues the Luxury-Performance Tradition It Started Decades Ago

May 13th, 2015 by

When the first BMW 3 Series models first hit the scene close to four decades ago now, they combined luxury and performance in ways previously never even dreamed of. And now, all these years later, they still provide those attributes more ably than their imitators. See the amazing new video on the models, below.


Impressive stuff, isn’t that? Taking a closer look at the 3 Series Sedan option, the model wears our automaker’s new design language, giving it aggressive new design lines. And other exterior flourishes include 17-inch rims, and our automaker’s signature kidney-shaped grille. Under the hood, a 180-horsepower intercooled turbo engine provides amazing thrills, while a premium interior envelopes the driver in a peaceful, tech-filled environment.

And as always, your destination for all things BMW here in our Saint James, NY area, is our dealership.

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