5 Reasons To Love The BMW M2 Competition

January 14th, 2020 by

To simply sum it up, the BMW M2 Competition Coupe is the fun and playful car that you are looking for. Powerful and spacious with great handling and performance all at a reasonable price. BMW Blog shares with us 5 Reasons Why We Love The BMW M2 Competition.

Excellent M-Engineered Six-Cylinder Turbo Engine

The BMW M2 Competition is praised for its explosive performance and has one of the best applications of the S 55 engine yet.

Comes with a Six-Speed Manual

The BMW M2 Competition offers a stick-shift that makes the car more engaging for drivers.

The DSC Software Configuration

M engineers had the opportunities to improve the three characteristic curves of the electromechanical power steering, the Active M differential and the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). With the limited slip differential, the M2 Competition gives off a much smoother driving experience compared to other models.

Great Value for the Price

Although the M2 Competition isn’t as cheap as it once was, it is extremely well priced due to its great features and performance compared to other competitors.

More Fun to Drive

BMW Blog shares with us that the BMW M2 Competition is a more playful car to drive. With great steering & handling, the BMW M2 Competition makes for a more enjoyable & powerful ride.

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