The 1993 BMW M5: A Blast From the Past

August 25th, 0201 by

Whether you were around for the eras or not, it’s always a good time looking back on old models from our favorite Bavarian automaker and seeing how far things have come. That’s not to say that older vehicles are bad, of course, and the 1993 BMW M5 is a prime example of what we mean. Called the best sports sedan in the world by the folks at MotorWeek, the ’93 M5 had a gorgeous and aerodynamic design, a powerful engine that could go from 0-60mph in just six seconds, and offered tight handling; all these made for a fun family vehicle that could seamlessly transition from the grocery-getting into a weekend cruiser. See it for yourself and pine for the old days:


While we don’t have the 1993 M5 in our selection of new BMW models, you’re sure to find something that lights up your eyes and reignites your love for the open road. With so many luxury performance vehicles to peruse, and with our Competition BMW of Smithtown experts at your side, you’ll be picking a winner every time.

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