Why Is Your BMW Car Not Locking Properly?

Not sure if it is just a one-time thing or if your BMW car lock is faulty? After all, sometimes it can be difficult to truly find out what causes your BMW car lock to have issues. And yet, ensuring that your car lock is functioning well is crucial to your security and safety. Therefore, read on to find out if your BMW car lock is faulty and what are the common causes behind

Key Fob Has No Battery

One reason why your car lock may not be responding is that your key fob has run out of battery. Simply replacing them is a good way to check if it is your car lock’s issue or the key fob issue. With that said, we recommend checking the owner’s handbook for the specific type of battery to use for replacement.

Alternatively, take out the flat battery from the keychain to see the exact battery’s size and type. To discover how to access the fob, you might need to consult a professional or the internet.

Your Car’s Fuse is Blown

If your car’s fuse is broken, it may cause you to be unable to open your door (not because of your BMW car lock). As such, here’s what we recommend. You can either seek a professional for help, or you may also try to test the power of your door lock circuit first.

Your owner’s manual will have specific instructions on where to find the fuse boxes, which are often located under the floorboard on the driver’s side. Once the lid has been removed, you should be able to find a diagram describing how each fuse works inside it.

Search for the one that complements the door locks. An evident gap indicates a blown fuse. Make sure to change the old fuse with one that has a similar amperage.

Malfunctioning Solenoid

If the solenoid of your car malfunctions, it can cause your car lock to appear spoilt. Pushing a button on a key fob sends a signal to a solenoid within your car doors. A steel rod is moved by the solenoid, which turns an electrical signal into mechanical action.

Previously, this task required turning a key in a keyhole. A door that won’t lock or unlock requires the internal door panel to be removed in order to repair the solenoid.

Electrical Issues

Alternatively, there could be an electrical issue that caused your car to be faulty. Specifically, it could be due to a faulty logic board or damaged wire which made your car malfunction. And how can you tell it’s due to electrical issues and not a faulty car lock?

Well, if you notice that you can open your car sometimes but other times you can’t, t is indicative of an electrical issue. In fact, this might even be due to deteriorated plastic wire insulation, and if not dealt with soon, it can escalate and be destroyed and inoperable entirely.


While it is possible to attempt to fix these issues by yourself, it is always advisable to seek professional help for proper assistance. After all, the last thing you want is to accidentally cause another issue while trying to fix your faulty door.