Why Is My BMW Steering Wheel Shaking?

As sturdy as a BMW is, no car is immune to problems such as a shaky steering wheel. A vibrating wheel could be indicative of a safety issue that could be hazardous for you and others on the road and thus should be fixed as soon as possible. Multiple different parts could result in a shaky wheel making finding the root cause of your problem a laborious process. To help you streamline your car repair work, here are a few reasons why your BMW steering wheel might be shaking.

Unbalanced Wheels

As one of the main causes of a shaky steering wheel, unbalanced tires can cause vibrations on the road. Unbalanced wheels can happen as a result of wear or flat spots if you do not drive your car frequently. To figure out if unbalanced wheels are the cause of your steering issues, simply do a visual inspection of your wheels to check for any missing wheel weights, bent rims, or uneven tread wear. Rebalancing or replacing your tires might be the solution if you have unbalanced wheels. Ensure that the weight distribution between all the tires is even after installing a new tire as the weight distribution in every tire varies slightly. If ignored, wheels that are out of balance can wear out the suspension part and steering of your car faster than usual, result in poor fuel economy or even leading to your tires blowing out when driving.

Misalignment of Vehicle

Misalignment of your vehicle can cause your steering wheel to shake. How your car is positioned matters so make sure to avoid potholes and railroad tracks as much as possible as constant contact with them can cause damage to your car.

Poor Bearings

While wheel bearings wear out over time, they can also be caused by damage or lack of lubrication. Poor bearings, especially of the front wheels, can result in friction and shaking of the wheel. Signs to look out for include a loud rumble or whining when speeding up or when turning corners. If your bearings are not yet due for a change, simply cleaning your bearings might resolve the issue.

Suspension Issues

A suspension issue could cause your wheels to shake and is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid more damage. They could be possibly dangerous as well so it is recommended to have your suspension system checked out and schedule your car for servicing as soon as you suspect a suspension issue. BMW suspension systems can be complex so multiple factors might be at play when it comes to a shaky steering wheel. For example, some car models might have multiple bushings or ball joints that can become loose or wear down simultaneously. Suspension issues usually come with other warning signs like squeaking when turning, braking, or going over bumps.

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