What Do BMW Dashboard Warning Lights And Symbols Mean?

BMW dashboard warning lights and symbols can be tough to decipher, and it’s important to understand exactly what they mean so you know how to proceed with your vehicle’s operation. Many icons are similar from car to car, but each brand might use different shapes or colors to represent the same warning or light. In the worst-case scenario, you could continue driving without realizing that one of your gauges or sensors has been damaged or malfunctioning, putting yourself and others in danger. Knowing what your BMW dashboard warning lights and symbols mean can help you avoid dangerous situations and ultimately save lives!

Although we’ve highlighted some of these symbols here, remember always to check your owner’s manual to get a complete understanding of how to interpret these warning indicators correctly.

Brake Warning Indicators

If you see a blinking amber light on your dashboard, it’s warning you of an issue with your brakes. If it stays illuminated without blinking, you have a brake light issue that needs immediate attention. The light may be triggered by a stuck brake lining or a faulty parking brake switch. If neither of these is true, then there’s likely a problem with your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). In many cases, an ABS fault won’t trigger any lights at all.

Engine Coolant Temperature Indicators

When you see one of these on your dashboard, your engine is likely overheating. Stop as soon as possible. Check your gauge to make sure that no warning lights are flashing – flashing indicators mean a serious problem – and then turn off your car. If you have a coolant bottle, open it up and pour some into your radiator – if not, look for a garage or breakdown service nearby so you can get some coolant. Wait 10 minutes or so before turning it on again to ensure that there’s enough water circulating to cool everything down. If all goes well, you’ll hear a humming noise from under the bonnet to let you know that everything is back in order.

Oil Pressure Warning Lights

The oil pressure warning light alerts you to possible problems with your engine’s lubrication system. One of its main functions is to prevent wear or damage when oil flow ceases or significantly slows down. A sudden drop in oil pressure while driving is often caused by worn engine parts (or even failing ones), which means it is important to get your car checked out immediately to avoid extensive repairs later on.

Engine Oil Sensor And Level Indicators

Your vehicle’s dashboard will show a low oil light when it’s time to add oil. Check your engine oil when you see a dipstick reading just below or just above the L mark. As long as it stays within that range, you can keep driving until your next scheduled service visit. A warning light also flashes with an audible alarm if there’s a major malfunction or too much oil is added to your engine (which will damage its components). No worries: Flashing lights usually meantime for an appointment at our service center.

Charging System Warning Lights

This warning light indicates a problem with your vehicle’s charging system. The charging system works to deliver electricity from your battery to various electrical components in your car when you turn on lights, listen to the radio or turn on an electric accessory such as air conditioning. If you notice that your charging system light has come on, it could be because of a fault in any one of these areas (and others). It is important to note that a low-voltage indicator or other related indicators don’t mean that there is something wrong with these systems. The charging system warning should only be used to indicate that something is not operating normally concerning electricity delivery.

Low On Fuel

When you’re running on fumes, you’ll see the light for low fuel or empty. That light will come on to tell you that there are only a few more miles of fuel left before your gas tank empties. When that happens, pull over immediately. If you keep driving, your car may suddenly stop working because it has no gas left to burn!