How To Use The BMW Navigation System

Having a navigation system in any car is a must in today’s times. The ease of use and the overall convenience of having a navigation system will help drivers reach their destination safely and on time. Gone were the days when maps and word of mouth were the only navigation tools. Today, there are many different types of navigation systems available. From your smartphones to in-built system in your car, there are all very handy when it comes to giving you directions. BMW navigation system has to be one of the best systems available in the market.

Reasons That Make BMW Navigation the Best

iDrive as it is called – is an infotainment system only in BMW cars that provide drivers with in-built GPS. iDrive has many features and benefits to make driving easier. Here are some of the reasons why the BMW navigation system is one of the best.

  • Sensors: BMW’s in-built navigation system has sensors to monitor your car’s steering angle and wheels to help keep track of your car. This is helpful as even if your car’s GPS signal is weak – when driving through a tunnel or driving in an area with no signal – your navigation system will not be affected.
  • Display: the BMW navigation system comes with a high-resolution screen. Measuring from 10 inches upward makes viewing the map easier and clearer. The split-screen function allows drivers to see both the map and direction at the same time. This makes it easier for drivers to plan their next move.
  • Traffic Information: the great thing about the BMW navigation system is that it can give drivers real-time traffic information. iDrive monitors the roads and provide information to help drivers plan their route accordingly.

How Does the BMW Navigation System Work?

iDrive system is BMW’s main navigation system. It has a control wheel, much like a volume knob. It also can be pushed forward and backward, and side to side, much like a joystick, and the center is a button that you can press to select or confirm your choice. Later versions of the iDrive system have been adopted to touchscreen technology and even voice commands. So, if you are driving the newer models of BMW cars, these features will be available to you. Some newer models also provide drivers with a 360-degree vision from the options list.

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