How To Use Cruise Control For BMW Cars

Cruise control for BMW cars, like those found in other brands, offers the convenience of driving at a constant speed. The technical aspect of this feature is simple; it was made such that the driver will be able to lock the accelerator according to a specific speed he is comfortable with. When he does so, he or she can take off his or her foot off the pedal. Designed to be used on roads where there are frequent turns, and stops, here are things to remember when using one.

Don’t Use it in Hazardous Weather Conditions

Since it is ideal for use on the interstate, you need to evaluate your driving conditions first before even using the feature. If it is your first time to use it, give it some careful thought. Check whether there are oncoming obstacles along the way.

Know Your Speed Limits

Driving on an interstate means that there is a speed limit. Usually this ranges in between 55 mph (miles per hour) and 70 mph. You should use the system within this speed range, since this is ideal for cruise control. Never attempt to set it above the limit.

When you have reached your desired speed, it is time to turn the cruise control on. You will usually find this on the steering wheel, especially for new BMW models. It is also wise to check where it is located by using the owner’s manual. You might find the cruise switch, and when you do, you simply need to press it for the functionality to work.

Set the Feature

The work doesn’t stop when you have activated the feature. You need to set it as well. There is another button there on the steering wheel where this particular setting can be found. When you have set it, then you may now remove your foot from the accelerator.

Be Cautious When Using It

While using cruise control gives you the freedom to drive on the interstate, it is still important to be cautious at all times. You should see to it that you watch out for the road ahead. Take note that the reaction time will not be as fast as usual, since there is a need to deactivate the feature if ever you want to slow down or stop.

Accelerate or Decelerate?

There are particular car models that have additional buttons to allow drivers to accelerate. Others just allow you to engage the accelerator pedal quickly when you want to speed up a bit. The same thing goes if you want to decelerate. Simply locate the deceleration button or apply the brake as briefly as you could.

Some Important Reminders

While you might be excited to try the cruise control for BMW cars since it helps reduce fuel consumption, you must remember these things:

  • Don’t use it when you know you are likely to suffer from fatigue when driving.
  • There are some car models that deactivate the feature once you have applied the brakes.
  • Never use it unless you have checked the owner’s manual for the buttons that you need to press when it is activated.

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