How To Troubleshoot BMW Auto AC

BMW cars are not known for having problems with their air conditioning units, but if you are feeling warm despite having the AC on while driving, then you may need to troubleshoot your BMW auto AC. Typically, the air conditioning unit of every car comes with the same layout. This makes it so much simpler for you to diagnose the problem that you are facing. However, are you aware of the right way to troubleshoot the AC of your BMW?

Basic Air Conditioning Parts

Once you have diagnosed the issue, you can make an informed choice on whether you can troubleshoot the problem on your own or get a professional technician to look at it. First off, let us start with getting to know the basic air conditioning parts of a car. Your AC unit pulls air from the surroundings or recirculates the air found inside the cabin of your car. During this process, the AC unit runs the air over vanes which are filled with super cold air conditioning fluid. After the air is cooled, the fluid warms up and expands into an evaporator. The system’s compressor then brings down the refrigerant temperature to allow the AC unit to blow cold air. Externally, some of the AC system parts include the air vents, fans, and HVAC controls.

Checking for Leaks

It is easy to overlook that your car’s AC system needs fluid to function properly. Whenever you experience an AC leak, the system will not work as it should. Some AC systems make use of fluid that can be seen in black light so if you suspect a leak, look out for stains in your parking spot. To recharge your AC system, you just need to purchase the AC fluid from an auto part store. It is a straightforward process that can be completed in less than 15 minutes or so.

Air Conditioner Failure

AC systems sometimes break from the inside. When this happens, your AC system has most likely failed and you would need to bring your car in for professional service. The reason behind this failure is because of the breaking down of the AC unit’s refrigerant which is found inside the compressor. When it breaks down, the insides of the compressor start to degrade and will eventually stop functioning fully. This problem can be avoided by regularly servicing your BMW auto AC system.

Other Possible BMW AC Problems

There may be other possible AC problems in your BMW that are hard to diagnose on your own. If you feel that the air blown from the vents is not circulating well enough, check the electric fans found in your cabin to see if they are functioning well. You may also take a look at your HVAC dash controls to see if they are indeed in a working condition. Air that is just cool and not entirely cold could be the result of a compressor that has failed or issues with the plumbing or even a problem with the compressor clutch. It is always recommended to seek professional advice to get to the root of your BMW AC issue.