How To Set Tire Pressure For BMW Cars

The recommended tire pressure for BMW cars is 32 PSI for most models. However, to ensure that you set the right tire pressure for your own car, it is best to refer to the sticker usually found on the edge of your driver’s door. Regardless of your BMW model, the door panel of your BMW should contain this information. If it is nowhere to be found on the inside of your car door, you may wish to refer to your owner’s manual. Always set the right tire pressure for your car to keep your BMW tires in a tip-top condition for safety and comfort throughout every journey.

Why is Having Proper Tire Pressure important?

Properly inflated BMW tires can support the following:

  • Reduce the risks of a flat tire or a complete blowout
  • Reduce tire wear and tear when the wheel spin and excess friction are minimized
  • Improve fuel efficiency for up to 3.3%

Checking and Setting BMW Tire Pressure

Checking your BMW tire pressure is important and needs to be done on a regular basis. If you are wondering how to manually check your BMW tire pressure, you can follow the steps below:

  • Unscrew the valve stem cap.
  • Place a tire gauge onto the stem of valve and press it down firmly.
  • The gauge will display the PSI.
  • Remove the tire gauge.
  • If the displayed PSI is higher than 32, release some of the air by pressing the center plunger down. After this is done, take a look at the tire pressure once again to see if you have the right pressure.
  • If the displayed PSI is lower than 32, add more air into your tires. Check the PSI once again after doing this step to ensure enough air is pumped into the tires.
  • Replace the valve stem cap.

Filling your tires can be done with a car tire pump at a gas station or a BMW service center. It is recommended for you to regularly check your tire pressure at least once or twice a year.

Resetting the BMW Tire Pressure Monitor Light

After you have checked your tire pressure and set it accordingly as per the above instructions, you can go ahead to reset the tire pressure monitor light of your BMW. Each model differs but below are some of the common ways that you can perform this action:

  • Search for the tire pressure monitor light button inside the glove box and press it once and hold until you hear a beep sound.
  • Go through your infotainment system and reset the tire pressure monitor light through the menu controls.
  • Go through the digital cluster and reset the tire pressure monitor light by using the manual controls.

Use Competition BMW of Smithtown’s Tire Maintenance Services

It is importance to ensure that your BMW tires are always set at the correct pressure. It is also recommended to perform regular BMW tire maintenance to get your car and tires delivering a top-notch performance for an extended period of time. This will let you travel in comfort and ease for as long as you need.