How To Select Driving Modes In BMW Cars

Many modern cars nowadays offered different types of driving modes. Essentially, driving modes provide drivers with the option to choose how they want to drive their car. While we may think that driving modes are a recent technological advancement, this feature has been around for quite some time. The modern version of driving modes allows drivers to change the mode of drive with just a simple touch of a button. This is possible because of the development of modern operating systems in cars now. Below, we show you the different modes available for BMW drivers so that they can select the driving modes that they are comfortable with.

Uses of Driving Modes

Modern cars with driving modes are controlled by an ECU or Engine Control Unit. This is a sophisticated system that controls your car’s components such as the transmission steering and suspension. Different car manufacturer offers different driving modes. This can vary from the dynamics, handling, and efficiency of a car. With the ECU in place, car manufacturers can create cars that are able to fulfill multiple roles. If you are driving, you may want a mode that hives the best fuel consumption or if you are on a longer commute, you may prefer better performance instead. With driving modes, you can have those options.

What Happens When You Select a Driving Mode?

Well, that depends on the make and model of your car. BMW car owners have four different options to choose from. Those modes are Sport, Comfort, Adaptive, and Eco Pro. Below are the advantages of the different modes for BMW cars.

  • Sport mode: all suspension and drive settings are geared for a sporty style. The gears change at a higher rev and the engine responds spontaneously. The overall driving feel is more direct and firmer.
  • Comfort mode: the default setting for BMW cars. This mode provides drivers with a comfortable driving experience. BMW drivers also have an additional option of coasting in this mode.
  • Adaptive mode: this mode adjusts the Dynamic Damper Control, the transmission, and the steering with real-time navigation to match the driver’s driving style and situation.
  • Eco Pro mode: this mode allows drivers to reduce fuel consumption by 25%, making it a very popular mode for BMW drivers to use. Eco Pro also helps drivers to enhance their own driving experience by informing them of the mileage they had driven.

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