How To Replace Tail Lights For Your BMW

Are your BMW tail lights not functioning? Or perhaps you noticed some issues with them? If this is the case, you need to replace them as soon as possible. This is because faulty tail lights are not only a danger to yourself and others (since other drivers can’t see you), but it is also against the law and will cause you to suffer from a penalty and fine. Therefore, it is so important to replace your broken or spoilt tail lights.

Common Reasons Why Your BMW Tail Lights are Malfunctioning

First, let us understand the reason why your tail lights maybe malfunction. One common reason is due to burnt-out or damaged tail light. Alternately, your BMW tail light may cease working due to blown fuses and electrical wiring issues. If numerous lights are not working at once, this will be more obvious. A damaged socket is another issue, particularly in earlier BMW vehicles.

You may check the sockets in your automobile for any oxidation or discolouration that has accumulated over time. Control switch damage is the final cause of broken tail lights. As a result, even though your car’s lights appear to be functioning properly, they occasionally fail to turn on.

How to Replace Your BMW Tail Lights

You can replace the tail lights on your BMW on your own, and in fact, it isn’t too difficult. All you need are a few tools, such as a pair of safety glasses, a set of mechanic-appropriate thick gloves, a screwdriver, and the replacement components.

You may anticipate spending between $80 and $160 on your expenses. If done correctly, replacing the BMW tail lights should only take a short 10 to 15 minutes.

First thing firsts, you need to try to understand what is causing your tail light to stop functioning. After all, it’s not always enough to just change the bulb. If only one tail light is obviously broken or if only one tail light won’t turn on, the bulb is most likely to be to blame.

In these circumstances, replacing the tail light bulb typically resolves the problem. If both tail lights go out at once or if the brake lights are also compromised, there may be a more significant underlying issue that needs to be addressed first. Whether this happens, consider seeing a reliable and professional mechanic to determine whether there is an electrical issue or another, more serious issue.

You must first turn off your car’s engine and unplug the tail light battery before changing your BMW tail light for safety reasons. The inside trim may then be removed by opening the automobile trunk after you have made sure that has been done. The tail light should then be removed after unscrewing the bottom two socket bolts holding it in place.

Before you cut the wires attached to your BMW tail light, make sure they are properly unscrewed from their secured position. You may take out the complete damaged tail light after cutting the wires and after removing the two flange bolts on top. To protect yourself, keep your gloves on while doing this. Last but not least, put in your new tail light and reattach the wiring. You should now be able to use your tail light.