How To Know If You Have BMW Intermittent HID Headlight Issues

Are you struggling with issues relating to your BMW Intermittent HID Headlights? If so, you must’ve felt a lot of frustration because it can be so difficult to find out why exactly your headlights are having such issues.

And yet, it is also incredibly important to fix the headlight issue, or else you would not only endanger yourself and others, but you may even get a fine. Not to worry, we understand how difficult it can be. Therefore here’s how you can identify the issue and how you can solve them.

Issues with Ground Connection

First thing first, you need to take a closer look into the ground connection. A good headlight should have a tightly fastened ground connection to a metal structural component of your car. On the contrary, you should not be seeing any dirt, corrosion, or even paint in this area. If there is such a foreign object at the ground connection area, it can cause your headlight to malfunction. As such, we recommend the use of shining metal, such as a wire brush, a grinder, or sanding to remove everything on the surface.

At the same time, you need to replace the screw or bolt. But to do so, you must first coat the surface with a thin layer of dielectric oil to prevent corrosion and promote good ground connection.

Improper Crimping Work

If there are no issues with the ground connection but your headlights are still malfunctioning, it is time to look into other types of connections. The specific HID headlamp arrangement will have at least 1 power cord that usually uses the OEM power connectors for the lights.

When installers have to use aftermarket plug terminals in place of the standard ones, issues are more likely to occur. You may use a few different techniques to look for connection problems. The first only entails lightly twisting the wire while holding the connection. It indicates a weak relationship if it splits.

Many intermittent lighting issues, such as flickering lights, are brought on by sloppy, loose crimp connections.

HID Headlights Shaking or Bouncing

Last but not least, it is time to look at the headlights themselves. The primary issue is the variations in headlamp housing construction. Headlights need a small reflector to concentrate the light from the halogen bulb. In many cars today (such as your BMW), the light beam is manually levelled and maintained using electric motors that are smaller-sized. The fact that HID headlight projectors weigh a lot more than the original one is a problem.

The factory self-levellers simply cannot withstand the weight of the HID system, which causes the suspension to fail. The answer to this problem might be easy or hard, depending on how the original equipment was made.

What you can do is locate a sturdy mounting option for the HID light. This will decrease the amount of jiggling and bouncing. The secret to getting rid of the auto-levellers is locating a position on the automobile where straps, hooks, or some other anchoring device may be put.

It is sometimes safer to consult a professional. Check us out at Competition BMW and schedule a servicing appointment with us today.