How To Know If You Have A BMW Dead Battery

Are you worried about your BMW? Or perhaps, unsure if the battery is currently dead? After all, you may notice some issues with your current BMW car but can’t quite analyse what caused the issue, and you’ve heard of the common issue of a BMW dead battery before. Not to worry, this article can let you understand if you have a BMW dead battery or not.

Common Signs

Here are some common signs that your BMW car has a dead battery. When you are not able to start your car (or as quickly as before) when there is dim lighting or flickering dashboard lights. Or if you hear clicking noises when attempting to start your engine, it is a sign that you likely have a BMW dead battery.

Failure to Start the Car and Clinking Noises

If you failed to start your car or heard clicking noises, you likely have a dead battery. And why is this so? This is because the clicking sound is indicative that your battery has insufficient power to properly start your car.

Nonetheless, a dead battery should not be ruled out even if your car accessories work as normal. This is because such car accessories, like wipers or your lights, only require a much lesser amount of power and energy to function.

The Engine Starts Very Slowly

It’s not just. The inability to start your car. But if your car starts very slowly or much slower than usual, it is also a sign that your BMW battery is running dead. This is because the battery’s purpose is to provide energy to your car’s starting motor, which then starts the engine.

If your BMW’s battery has insufficient power, it can cause your engine to start much slower than usual.

How to Test The Battery in Your BMW

With that said, while all these are common signs of a dead battery, it is best to properly test if your battery is truly dead. Here’s how. You use Using a multimeter to measure the voltage of your BMW battery.

The battery should have 12.6 volts or more when fully or appropriately charged. But be aware that a voltmeter may only give you a broad idea of the battery’s condition. There is a chance that a battery with a value of more than 12.4 volts won’t always be able to supply enough electricity to start the automobile.

You may check the battery’s output voltage while trying to start the engine. If the voltage drops below 10 volts, your battery won’t have enough charge, making it difficult to start the automobile. This could happen because your Mercedes-Benz alternator is damaged and not charging the battery properly, the battery has internal degeneration, the car has been sitting for a while, or all of the above.

Alternatively, you may seek assistance from experienced and professional car dealerships. Not only are they well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to best assist you, but they might be able to point out the actual cause and problem behind your faulty BMW. They will assist you with dealing with both the current issue and ensuring you know what to do next to prevent such issues from occurring again.