How To Fix Worn BMW Wheel Bearings

The bearings on your wheel are designed to make it easier for the wheel to turn with minimal friction. Since they are moving parts, it means that they are often subject to friction which in turn means wear and tear. Faulty bearings can make your driving experience pretty uncomfortable and can be outright dangerous. This is why it is essential to know the sign of a worn bearing and how to fix the problem.

What Causes Bearing Damage?

Apart from normal wear and tear, several things can damage wheel bearings. For example, putting large wheels in your BMW can strain the bearings and accelerate the rate of wear and tear. Another common reason for bearings to fail is if dust or tiny rock particles from the road get into the moving parts of the bearing. They can increase friction and lead to a complete bearing failure. While BMW makes this possibility rare as the bearings come in a tightly packed, waterproof hub, this can sometimes happen, especially if you use bearing hubs that are not genuine parts from BMW.

Signs Of A Failing Bearing

There are several signs that your wheel bearing is failing. These include the following:

Humming Noises

While there are many reasons your vehicle may make humming noises (such as a bad CV joint), failing bearings are one of the leading causes of such problems. If you notice a humming sound when your vehicle is in motion, it is best to get it checked by an expert.

Pulls To One Side

Another common sign of a failing wheel bearing is that your vehicle may pull to one side. This will typically be the side that has the faulty wheel bearing.

Steering May Feel Loose

When your vehicle is functioning properly, the steering wheel should feel solid, with minimal movement. However, when one of your wheel bearings fails, the steering wheel will feel loose. In some cases, you may notice that the steering wheel will vibrate, especially when driving above certain speed levels.

ABS May Fail

Another common symptom of a failing wheel bearing is that your ABS system may fail. This is the system that controls how your vehicle brakes. One of the signs of a failing AB system is that the ABS light will illuminate and will not go off even when the car starts.

Fixing Worn Wheel Bearings

The only way to fix worn wheel bearings is to replace them with a new one. They come in a complete hub that can be purchased from any BMW dealership. Unless you are a proficient mechanic, the best approach is to let BMW professionals replace your bearing hub.

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