How To Fix A Noisy BMW Engine

When your BMW runs normally, it should be a very silent affair. BMW engines are designed to produce as little sound as possible, ensuring a comfortable and quiet ride. While some sports models can be a little noisier than others, this will b within normal noise range and should be nothing to worry about. However, if your vehicle is making a lot more noise than usual, you should have a closer look. Here are some common causes of engine noise and ways to fix a noisy BMW engine.


Your engine has a series of belts that help in various functions. They are one of the principal moving parts in your BMW engine and often cause noisy engines. When these belts wear out, they may make squealing sounds, especially when you start the engine after it has been shut off for a while. In many ways, noisy belts are a good thing because they warn you that one of your belts is nearing the end of its lifetime and needs to be replaced. If you are proficient in mechanical issues, you can identify which belt is causing the problem and replace it. You will need to purchase genuine belts from your BMW dealership, and they can tell you exactly which type of belt you need. However, if you are still determining which belt is causing the noise, the best bet is to take the vehicle to a BMW dealership to be checked. BMW experts can then easily identify the problem belt and replace it for you.

Pulley Bearings

These are the bearings that guide the drive belt and help in the overall belt system. When these pulleys fail, they may cause the engine to make loud, rattling sounds. Just like belts, replacing these bearings will solve the noise problem. However, you will need to identify which bearing is problematic and which might require some mechanical expertise.

Loose Covers

Your BMW typically comes with plastic covers used to protect certain parts f the engine. When these covers are loose, they may knock on the engine parts and produce some sounds. Typically, this happens when you have serviced your car or changed your spark plugs. When putting these covers back, your mechanic may forget to screw in one of the ends, which could cause the noise you hear. These noises will usually happen when you are driving over a rough surface. You should check these covers immediately if you notice rattling sounds after your car has had an oil or plug change. Tightening the screws on the cover will effectively end the noise.

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