How To Change A Flat Tire For Your BMW Vehicle

While no driver would like to experience a flat tire, since it is a pretty common occurrence, there is a good chance that it has happened to every driver at some point. Therefore, it is important to drive with the knowledge of how to change a BMW flat tire should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance when you need to switch to a spare.

How to Change a Flat Tire

To change a flat tire, it is crucial to first ensure that your vehicle is parked in a safe area with ample room for work before getting out to replace the tire. Check that you have the necessary equipment, including a tire iron, a jack, and of course, a spare tire to complete the job. Before jacking up your BMW, loosen all the wheel lugs on the affected tire. If you are unsure of where to place your jack, consult your owner’s manual for information on the proper jacking points. Then, lift the car up with the jack and pull the flat tire from the vehicle. Put in the spare tire and replace the wheel with new lugs then lower your vehicle to the ground before tightening the lugs.

Remember to head to a BMW service center when you are back on the road as spare tires are only meant to give you temporary traction needed for the journey to a service center to have your tire replaced and not to be driven normally. When driving with a spare, take note of the spare tire’s speed ratings, noted on the sidewall, as many spares can only be driven up to a certain speed and can cause issues with traction if driven at speeds higher. If possible, avoid the highway completely.

Repair or Replace a Flat Tire?

Depending on how damaged your tires are, your tires might simply need to be repaired or you might have to replace them. Your technician will advise you accordingly but in general, if your tire has been punctured by a nail or suffered minimal damage in its tread, the tire can be repaired. However, if it is a large puncture or the damage is in the tire’s sidewall, your tire typically cannot be repaired and should be replaced.

Tips on Maintaining Your Tires

Your tires are essential in helping you have a smooth and safe trip and as such deserve to be properly maintained. Ensure that you regularly rotate your tires, around every 7000 miles or every two years, check for proper PSI, upkeep the necessary balancing and alignments, and measure the tread depth of your tires. Taking care of your tires with these tips can help increase the longevity of your tires.

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