How To Adjust BMW Steering Wheel

BMW steering wheels are equipped with adjustment screws that allow you to set the steering wheel at the desired angle. The optimal angle will depend on your body type and driving preferences. Generally, taller drivers have an easier time driving straight when the steering wheel is tilted toward them, while shorter drivers tend to have an easier time driving straight when the steering wheel is tilted away from them. Check out this guide on adjusting the BMW steering wheel so that it’s perfect for your body type!

Start By Adjusting Your Seat

Press down on your seat until it is in a comfortable position. Use a helper if necessary. Make sure that you can reach all of your controls comfortably and with your arms at or above a 90-degree angle. Also, make sure that no part of your body is touching anything besides the steering wheel. To determine where you want your seat and steering wheel, sit in your car and place both of your feet flat on the floor at a 90-degree angle. Mark that spot with a pencil or pen and move your seat and steering wheel to fit. You may want to measure, so you know how far apart to move them; if they’re not quite evenly spaced, adjust them closer together for more control when turning. The following adjustments will not be possible if you are uncomfortable, so make sure to do it before making any other adjustments!

Take the Key Out Of the Ignition

Remove keys from the ignition switch before adjusting the steering wheel. Power assistance will automatically become active once you start turning the steering wheel. If power assistance becomes active during adjustment, your hands will not be on the steering wheel resulting in the risk of loss of control of the vehicle.

Fold The Lever Down

With your thumb, push down on two tabs on either side of the lever; you should hear a click. Fold it down.

Set the Steering Wheel to Your Desired Height and Angle

Move your steering wheel to its lowest point to adjust its position to your seating position. Then, unlock it and rotate counterclockwise until you reach your preferred height. For example, if you’re over six feet tall, rotate it slightly higher than someone less than six feet tall. The same applies to angle: adjust it so that your arms and wrists are comfortable and don’t extend beyond a 90-degree angle. Your fingers should sit comfortably on top of the steering wheel without them hanging off or touching the spokes in between sections.

Fold the Lever Back

You should feel a click as you fold it back into place. You can now turn your steering wheel from side to side freely without taking up any extra room. You will need more help if your steering wheel is heated. Otherwise, you’re done! The guides for other makes and models of cars are all different but generally follow a similar procedure. If yours is different, consult your owner’s manual or ask a professional at an auto parts store.