2024 BMW 4 Series

2024 BMW 4 Series

2024 KIA Stinger

2024 KIA Stinger

2024 BMW 4-Series vs. 2024 KIA Stinger


When it comes to balancing luxury, performance, and practicality, few cars occupy the limelight like the 2024 BMW 4-Series and the 2024 KIA Stinger. Both are compelling choices in the midsize luxury segment, appealing to a broad spectrum of drivers with their own particular strengths. This article aims to dissect these two models across various dimensions to provide a comprehensive perspective for potential buyers.

Design & Style

The 2024 BMW 4-Series is a testament to German engineering and design ethos. With its sleek body lines, minimalistic aesthetic, and instantly recognizable grille, it exudes a premium feel. The interior design language aligns with this impression, showcasing quality materials and a layout prioritizing driver engagement. On the other hand, the 2024 KIA Stinger brings a refreshing and contemporary approach to design, flaunting aggressive lines and a bold front fascia. Inside, the cabin is spacious and thoughtfully laid out, but places an emphasis on modern comfort rather than high-end luxury. In essence, while the 4-Series opts for a refined European character, the Stinger appeals to those who appreciate a dynamic and modern flair.

Technology & Safety

Technological prowess is a strong suit for the 2024 BMW 4-Series, offering a robust infotainment interface that provides a seamless user experience. Advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, and lane-keeping assist are standard, creating an envelope of security for all occupants. The KIA Stinger, while commendable for its suite of safety features such as blind-spot monitoring and forward-collision warning, lags slightly behind in the seamless integration of its tech elements. Both are well-equipped, but the 4-Series demonstrates a more mature approach to technology and safety.


Driving dynamics is where the line between the two vehicles blurs somewhat. Both the 4-Series and the Stinger offer multiple engine options designed to provide an exhilarating driving experience. The BMW’s powertrain options prioritize balance, fuel efficiency, and low-end torque, backed by a finely-tuned suspension that makes the ride as engaging as it is comfortable. The Stinger, on the other hand, goes all-in on raw power and sporty handling, sacrificing some comfort for the thrill of the drive. The decision boils down to whether you desire a balanced yet spirited ride or an unadulterated performance focus.

The Bottom Line

The 2024 BMW 4-Series and the 2024 KIA Stinger offer diverging takes on the luxury midsize segment. If you value a balanced approach to luxury, state-of-the-art technology, and engaging yet refined performance, one of these cars offers a more compelling package. The KIA Stinger makes a strong case for itself with its aggressive design and focus on performance, yet it falls short in some areas that the other model addresses comprehensively. Ultimately, your individual preferences for luxury, technology, and driving experience will guide your decision.

Schedule a Test Drive Today

While reading about these vehicles provides valuable insights, there’s no substitute for firsthand experience. We highly recommend scheduling a test drive of the 2024 BMW 4-Series to fully grasp its seamless blend of luxury, technology, and performance. Don’t just take our word for it; get behind the wheel and feel the exceptional quality that distinguishes it as a top choice in its segment.


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