2023 BMW X7

2023 BMW X7

2023 GMC Yukon

2023 GMC Yukon

2023 BMW X7 vs. 2023 GMC Yukon


The 2023 GMC Yukon is a leviathan on wheels, with lots of seating space, an opulent riding experience and several powerful engine options. But can it beat the 2023 BMW X7, a titan with a commanding appearance, extensive equipment and an interior which is both comfortable and elegant?

Design & Style

The BMW X7 can carry up to seven passengers and has added a number of updates this year, which includes upgraded cabin tech and greater engine performance. Its headlight clusters have been completely revised, as the LEDs have been shifted around to appear thinner. Extra folds and creases have been added to the hood to make it more ornate, and buyers have the option of twenty three inch wheels.

The Yukon is GMC’s flagship SUV and thus comes with the industry’s most advanced technology. It too can seat up to seven passengers and those that purchase the Yukon XL will get extra space for cargo. Its towing capacity is also fantastic, and its latest updates for 2023 include the Denali Ultimate, which is a top tier trim level that adds leather Alpine Umber upholstery with seats that can be powered sixteen ways.

Technology & Safety

While the GMC Yukon does come with numerous driver assistance functions, many of them are not standardized which means that drivers will have to pay extra for them. The features that do come standard are emergency automatic brakes as well as frontal collision alerts. Luxuries within its cabin include wifi, the choice of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, cooled/heated seats, powered liftgate and a sixteen speaker audio system from Bose.

The BMW X7 comes with all of the safety features found in the GMC, including emergency automated brakes and a system which enables it to detect nearby pedestrians and drivers. Multiple airbags are also available to protect passengers during an impact. Its cabin luxuries include a fifteen inch central display, climate control, navigation system, instrument cluster and powered seats that can be cooled or heated.


Those that want the ultimate driving experience will purchase the BMW X7 M50i, which can generate 523 horsepower with its dual turbocharged V8 engine. This enables it to accelerate from zero to sixty in about 5.6 seconds. The GMC Yukon is equipped with a V8 engine that is 6.2 liter and capable of generating 460 horsepower with the ability to accelerate from zero to sixty in 6 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Both SUVs seat the same number of passengers, offer identical safety features, and are nearly tied when it comes to 0 to 60 acceleration time. That being said, the BMW X7 has greater horsepower and would win in a race with its 155 mph top speed versus only 112 mph for the Yukon, and this combined with the X7’s edge in fuel economy makes it the victor.

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