2023 BMW X7

2023 BMW X7

2022 Mercedes Benz GLS-Class

2022 Mercedes Benz GLS-Class

2023 BMW X7 vs. 2022 Mercedes Benz GLS-Class


The BMW X7 is currently one of the most attractive and luxurious SUVs money can buy today. However, it meets fierce competition in the new 2022 Mercedes Benz GLS-Class, a sporty SUV featuring premium materials and a powerful engine. Which one should you go for? Well, it’s not easy to decide and that’s why you should keep reading this article to find out their respective pros and cons.

Design & Style

The new BMW incorporates a wide variety of premium materials such as textured leather and a combination of metal alloys and wood. It can transport six people in great comfort and it also features LED ambient lighting and a sunroof.

The Merc is also luxurious and comfortable inside. The driving position is sublime, you get heated seats and an intuitive instrument cluster. However, it’s not really that spacious for six people as the back passengers might be a little bit tight on shoulder and head space.

Technology & Safety

When it comes to technology, both cars have something important to say. For example, the BMW X7 comes with an attractive 12.3-inch panel that displays everything you need to know about your car. You can access the main functions via a rotary knob placed on the central console and you also get a premium sound system.

The Mercedes comes with a superb audio system as well, but for a more powerful one capable of blasting hundreds of watts you might need to pay more. The same situation is with safety systems. Many driving aids and safety systems are standard for the BMW, but for the Merc, you might need to pay extra for the semi-autonomous package.


These German contenders are also powerful, not only luxurious. The BMW comes with a turbocharged engine that delivers 335 horsepower and it’s connected to an automatic transmission. You will be able to drive quickly both on the highway and in cities. This new model from BMW also features all-wheel drive which makes the car a joy around bends and more stable too.

The new Mercedes comes with a slightly more powerful engine as standard. This unit can produce 362 horsepower and it also works in tandem with a clever automatic gearbox. Although you will accelerate quickly and be able to easily overtake someone on the road, the GLS-Class is not as nimble through corners because of its increased weight, in comparison with the BMW.

The Bottom Line

After summing up all these facts, you can clearly see that the BMW can do everything the Mercedes can do and then some. If you want a more spacious vehicle that handles better, you’d probably be better of with the new 2023 BMW X7.

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