2023 BMW X4

2023 BMW X4


2023 Lincoln Nautilus

2023 BMW X4 vs 2023 Lincoln Nautilus


The 2023 BMW X4 is an extravagant sport utility vehicle with magnificent handling, a tech rich cabin and turbocharged performance.  What happens when it goes up against the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus, an SUV lauded for its spectacular appearance, large infotainment displays and powerful engine?

Design & Style

The Lincoln Nautilus is mid-sized and carries five in absolute comfort. Its changes and updates this year have been minor. For instance, it features the yacht like aesthetic which has become a Lincoln hallmark, and the LED lights are subdued while its body has subtle yet graceful curves. The cabin is classy, especially when purchased in Black Label, and it offers about sixty nine cubic feet for cargo.

The BMW X4 also seats five in complete splendor. Though it shares a number of visual similarities with the X3, especially in front, the BMW X4 has a distinct roofline which extends gradually downward past the frontal seats, giving it a daring, rakish look. The interior upholstery is bright and pleasant, and can be purchased in gray, black or tan colors. Interesting angles are used to group the cabin controls and both drivers and passengers will find that every button and knob is simple to access and use.

Technology & Safety

The BMW X4 is equipped with every modern safety function known to man, including adapted cruise control that enables temporary hands free operation while moving at freeway speed, as well as emergency automated brakes and multiple airbags. Perks within its cabin include powered seats that are ventilated, leather upholstery, ten inch touch display and the choice of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The Lincoln Nautilus comes with most of the safety features found in the BMW. However, its headlights have received a poor rating which is shocking given its upper five figure price tag. This prevented it from receiving an award, though it does include things such as activated lane control and emergency automated brakes.  Perks within its cabin include the option of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, powered tailgate, leather seats that can be power adjusted and climate control.


The most powerful Lincoln Nautilus comes with a dual turbocharged V6 that is 2.7 liter and capable of generating 335 horsepower with the ability to accelerate from zero to sixty in around 6.5 seconds. The BMW X4 M is its most powerful variant, which includes an engine capable of generating an astounding 503 horsepower with a zero to sixty acceleration time of less than 4 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Though both SUVs seat the same number of passengers and offer similar cargo space, the BMW X4 leaves the Lincoln in the dust when it comes to performance. And this combined with the Nautilus poorly rated headlights makes the BMW X4 the winner.

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