2023 BMW X3

2023 BMW X3


2023 Land Rover Defender

2023 BMW X3 vs. 2023 Land Rover Defender


The 2023 BMW X3 is popular for it’s a marvelous appearance, numerous engine choices and fuel efficiency. How does it compare to the 2023 Land Rover Defender, a vehicle prized for its off-road capabilities that also provides plenty of luxuries?

Design & Style

Land Rover is a versatile brand that has become synonymous with luxury. The Defender comes in both 4 and 2 body styles which include a relaxing and practical cabin that is tech rich and full of contemporary infotainment. A turbocharged 4 cylinder engine comes standard, and for those that want to do some off-roading it provides state of the art features like locking differentials and an air suspension which is height adjustable.

The BMW X3 offers the perfect blend of handling and elegance. The exterior is handsome, so much so that it will turn heads, and its newest features for this year include a keyless based remote entry system along with a paint option called Skyscraper Grey Metallic which can be added to the 30i 4 cylinder models. It comes with multiple engine choices, all of which are powerful and wedded to an automatic eight speed transmission.

Technology & Safety

The X3 comes with a complete suite worth of driver assistance that utilizes features such as frontal impact alerts, emergency automated brakes, multiple airbags and adapted cruise control. Its cabin amenities consist of Bluetooth, wifi, a single USB port, ten inch touch display, climate control and the choice of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay,

The Land Rover Defender is similarly equipped, with most of the features found in the BMW X3 including pedestrian detection. It has a number of features which are dedicated to towing and driving off road, an d also comes with a ten inch touch displays in its cabin along with amenities such as navigation in dash, a ten speaker audio system from Meridian, climate control, wireless updates and the choice of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.


The most powerful Land Rover Defender is the supercharged V8, which is capable of generating 518 horsepower which enables the vehicle to accelerate from zero to sixty in around 4.4 seconds. The most powerful BMW X3 is equipped with a turbocharged inline six engine that can accelerate the vehicle from zero to sixty in 4.1 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Both SUVs seat the same number passengers (five) and are comparably equipped safety wise. But the BMW X3 edges out the Land Rover when it comes to acceleration, and would win in a race thanks to its higher top speed of 126 mph versus only 120 mph for the Land Rover. The Defender also falls short when it comes to fuel efficiency, and this combined with its inadequate cargo space makes the BMW X3 the winner.

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