2023 BMW X3

2023 BMW X3

2023 Hyundai Santa Fe

2023 Hyundai Santa Fe

2023 BMW X3 vs. 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe


In the competitive world of SUVs, the 2023 BMW X3 and the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe are two popular choices that offer style, technology, and versatility. While our preferred car brand is BMW, we’ll provide an unbiased comparison between the 2023 BMW X3 and the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your preferences and needs.

Design & Style

The 2023 BMW X3 showcases a sleek and athletic design that is instantly recognizable. With its signature kidney grille, sleek lines, and aggressive stance, the X3 exudes a sense of sportiness and elegance. The interior follows suit with its premium materials, modern design elements, and driver-focused layout, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. On the other hand, the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe presents a more contemporary and bold design. Its confident front grille, sculpted body lines, and eye-catching LED lighting give it a modern and sophisticated look. Inside, the Santa Fe offers a spacious cabin with well-designed features and an ergonomic layout, ensuring comfort for both the driver and passengers. Both the X3 and the Santa Fe have their unique design charms, appealing to different aesthetic preferences.

Technology & Safety

When it comes to technology and safety features, the 2023 BMW X3 and the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe aim to impress. The X3 incorporates BMW’s advanced iDrive infotainment system, which offers a user-friendly interface, seamless smartphone integration, and voice command capabilities, ensuring a connected and convenient driving experience. In terms of safety, the X3 is equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, including forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring, providing an extra layer of protection on the road. On the other hand, the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe boasts a generous array of technology features. Its intuitive infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the available digital instrument cluster provides a modern touch. Safety-wise, the Santa Fe offers features such as forward collision-avoidance assist, blind-spot collision avoidance assist, and rear cross-traffic collision-avoidance assist, enhancing safety and peace of mind.


When it comes to performance, the 2023 BMW X3 and the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe offer capable options to suit different driving preferences. The X3 offers a range of engine choices, from efficient four-cylinder variants to powerful six-cylinder options, providing exhilarating acceleration and precise handling. The top-tier X3 M variant takes performance to the next level, delivering thrilling power and agility. On the other hand, the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe emphasizes a balance between performance and fuel efficiency. It offers a selection of engines, including turbocharged options, providing sufficient power for everyday driving. The Santa Fe’s responsive handling and smooth ride contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the 2023 BMW X3 and the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe are both impressive SUVs in their respective categories. The X3 stands out with its sporty design, advanced technology, and dynamic performance, while the Santa Fe offers a contemporary design, generous technology features, and a balanced approach to performance and efficiency. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences, whether you prioritize luxury and sportiness or a modern and practical approach.

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