2023 BMW 5-Series

2023 BMW 5-Series

2023 Genesis G80

2023 Genesis G80

2023 BMW 5-Series vs. 2023 Genesis G80


The 2023 BMW 5-Series is a stunning car with a razor sharp exterior, wide range of powertrains and extensive technical gadgetry. How does it stack up against the 2023 Genesis G80, a newcomer to the auto industry that impresses with its classy exterior, high end cabin trimmings and formidable performance?

Design & Style

Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury division and they’ve definitely made a splash with the G80. It is a compact and sporty sedan that is packed with lots of features that offers both comfortable cruising and rapid fire performance when needed. Its latest features for the year include the Sport Prestige 2.5T, which comes with distinct nineteen inch wheels along with pedal covers made from aluminum and monoblock calipers with enhanced frontal brakes.

Technology & Safety

The Genesis G80 comes with many driver assistance functions such as emergency automated brakes; blind area monitoring, adapted cruise control and a proprietary feature called Smart Park, which assists the driver in maneuvering the vehicle out of and into tight parking areas without having to manually control it. Comforts within its cabin include a fourteen inch touch display, Lexicon sound system, the option of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and powered seats with climate control and ambient lighting.

The BMW 5-Series matches the G80 when it comes to safety, and has all the same features, including a semi-autonomous navigation mode that allows the vehicle to move by itself using GPS data. Its other features include pedestrian detection, blind area monitoring, emergency automated brakes and notifications for rear traffic. Its cabin comforts include twelve inch displays, voice command, rotary knob, Bluetooth, USB port, climate control, satellite radio and the choice of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.


The most powerful BMW 5-Series is the M550i, which comes with a dual turbocharged V8 that is 4.4 liter and capable of accelerating from zero to sixty in an incredible 4.1 seconds. The Genesis G80 comes with a V6, 3.5 liter dual turbocharged engine that can generate 375 horsepower with the ability to accelerate from zero to sixty in about 5 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Visually, both cars look fabulous and are similarly equipped safety wise. They also seat the same number of passengers, which are five. However, the BMW 5-Series has a significant performance advantage when it comes to acceleration, and also outclasses the Genesis when it comes to fuel economy, which means those that buy the 5-Series will spend less on gas. And when you consider the fact that the BMW brand has been associated with luxury for decades while Hyundai just started manufacturing the Genesis, many people will choose the name which is proven, and that is BMW.

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