2022 BMW X7

2022 BMW X7


2022 Land Rover Range Rover

2022 BMW X7 vs. 2022 Land Rover Range Rover


The new BMW X7 doesn’t only have to worry about its German rivals such as Mercedes and Audi, but also a great contender from the UK – the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover. Both these vehicles are powerful, luxurious, and comfortable, but which one should you buy? This is not an easy decision to make, so keep reading to learn more.

Design & Style

One of the key features of the new BMW is the upgraded headlamps that make the road more visible at night and also add to the curb appeal of the car. The interior features a comfortable driving position, you’re surrounded by premium materials everywhere, and the instrument cluster leaves no room for distractions.

The Range Rover is also luxurious and incorporates premium materials. You’ll probably appreciate the minimalist and elegant design as well as the attractive central console and instrument cluster. Despite that, this SUV is slightly less spacious than the BMW, so your back passengers might not feel extremely comfortable all the time.

Technology & Safety

In the technology department, the BMW comes with a large 12.3-inch infotainment panel that’s both easy to see and access. This car features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a premium surround sound system that will keep you entertained in your long journeys. You might be happy to find out that the BMW also features a plethora of safety features including emergency braking and lane departure warning.

The Range Rover has an even larger touchscreen display that measures 13.1 inches. You also get smartphone connectivity and a superb sound system, but some drivers consider the infotainment panel to be a bit laggy. Also, the graphics are not as intuitive as you might expect and this can confuse some drivers.


When it comes to performance, the BMW delivers a mighty punch and 335 horsepower from a turbocharged engine. You will accelerate to 60mph in just a few seconds and the gear changes are done automatically.

On the other hand, the British contender comes with 395 horsepower extracted from a hybrid powertrain. You will definitely feel the extra horsepower pulling you faster towards your destination, but this vehicle might not be as nimble through corners in comparison with its German rivals.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, both these cars are fast and exciting to drive. They both come with a plethora of safety features and technology options, but if you’re not going to spend most of your time off-road, you’d probably be better off with the BMW. The new X7 also seats more people and is slightly more comfortable than the Range Rover.

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