2022 BMW X6

2022 BMW X6

2022 Mercedes GLE Coupe

2022 Mercedes GLE Coupe

2022 BMW X6 vs. 2022 Mercedes GLE Coupe


BMW and Mercedes-Benz are popular automakers with a long history of producing reliable, luxury cars with the latest technology, safety features, and performance capabilities. Now, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are going head-to-head in the 2022 market by introducing their latest models in their respective luxury SUV lines: the 2022 BMW X6 and 2022 Mercedes GLE Coupe. It can be tough to choose which one to buy with good prices and amazing looks! So, let’s take a look at what makes the 2022 BMW X6 the best choice for your needs!

Design & Style

If you are in need of an affordable SUV, it will be difficult to ignore these two vehicles. The new 2022 BMW X6 comes with a lower center of gravity, a wider stance, and wider wheel arches, which make it look closer to that of a sedan than an SUV. Its sleek design paired with its efficient engine allows for better fuel economy and improved handling, which may be more important to some buyers than sheer power. The slick design is definitely what sets both models apart from other rivals in their respective categories.

The cabin in the 2022 BMW X6 comes with premium leather, along with special features like a tri-zone automatic climate control system, keyless start, and rear seat heating/cooling vents, and a 12-speaker surround sound system. In terms of space, you get seating for five people and 39 cubic feet of trunk space—plenty of room for weekend trips to your favorite resort town or shopping.

Technology & Safety

The new 2022 BMW X6 comes equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking System, blind spot assist, and Lane Departure Warning System, while on the 2022 Mercedes GLE Coupe, these safety features are not included at all. This could mean that the 2022 BMW X6 is safer than the 2022 Mercedes GLE coupe and can provide more confidence during your trip or daily commute. Also, some of these features may not be important for everyone, but if they are important for you, they should be considered a priority when purchasing a new car.


The 2022 BMW X6 features a 3.0L Turbocharged Inline-4-cylinder engine with direct injection and variable valve timing, while at 3.3L that utilizes twin turbos to achieve an astounding power of 408 hp @ 5500 rpm and 460 lb-ft of torque @ 2500 rpm. The car also has an impressive 9-speed automatic transmission gearbox linked to a 4-wheel drive system, with selectable driver modes so you can change between different driving styles as per your choice or road condition on which you are driving in.

The Bottom Line

Both cars are exceptionally well-equipped, powerful, and efficient, but its powertrain design truly sets the 2022 BMW X6 apart. The 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine that powers the 2022 BMW X6 has been completely reworked to provide more power across a wider rpm range, emphasizing low-end torque production for excellent acceleration and passing performance. On top of that, it makes over 30 mpg combined in hybrid form! And with all-wheel drive standards, you’ll be prepared for anything Mother Nature can throw at you in weather conditions or off the road as well on the pavement, which provides you ultimate freedom of movement.

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