2022 BMW X2

2022 BMW X2

2022 Infiniti QX30

2022 Infiniti QX30

2022 BMW X2 vs 2022 Infiniti QX30


2022 BMW X2 and 2022 Infiniti QX30 are luxury coupes with SUV styling, but there are distinct differences between them that can help you determine which one to choose as your next car. The biggest difference is the size of the vehicle, as the 2022 BMW X2 seats four people, whereas the 2022 Infiniti QX30 has five seats. Each vehicle’s interior, performance, exterior style, fuel economy, and other features are also discussed below to give you an idea about how they differ from each other in terms of practical value. So which one should you choose? Read on to find out why the 2022 BMW X2 takes the lead!

Design & Style

Both models offer an impressive exterior design, with attention to detail and a futuristic look. However, the 2022 BMW X2 offers a sportier look and a longer list of standard features. Those include LED headlights, larger wheels, a power-operated tailgate, and a powerful exhaust system. The interior also received significant upgrades. You also get larger tires on the 2022 BMW X2 that provide superior grip even in adverse conditions.

Both models are highly competitive when it comes to interior design. However, by examining them closely, we can better understand what makes the 2022 BMW X2 exceptional. Compared to its competitor, 2022 BMW X2 has one extra airbag (for a total of 4), greater ground clearance (8.3 versus 7.7), lower weight (100 pounds less). It has many additional creature comforts that will make your trip that much more comfortable.

 Technology & Safety

Both cars come with comprehensive technology that helps simplify your drive, enhance your safety and connect you to available features in your vehicle. The Infiniti offers advanced technologies like Predictive Forward Collision Warning System, Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Intervention, Lane Departure Warning System, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, etc. The BMW provides several similar technologies, including Side Collision-Avoidance Assist, Surround View Camera System, Parking Assistant with 360-degree View, Remote Control Parking Tailgate, and more.


The 2022 BMW X2 comes with a 204 horsepower engine that gets you up to an impressive speed of 6.4 seconds. This one can also get you up to a maximum speed of 155 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the 2022 Infiniti QX30’s 201 horsepower engine runs at an equally impressive speed—6.5 seconds to 60 miles per hour and a maximum speed of 145 miles per hour. When comparing these two cars’ engines, it’s clear they both have more than enough power for a fun ride around town or on a weekend trip out of town.

The Bottom Line

When you compare features and price, an obvious winner will emerge. One of these two vehicles will be a better fit for your needs. So when you decide on what’s best for you, make sure to consider all factors involved in your decision-making process. Some cars are designed to accommodate specific drivers, while others are made for a very specific purpose or to appeal to a certain demographic. For example, if you’re looking for one vehicle that does it all and won’t cost too much – then there is a clear winner in the 2022 BMW X2 vs. 2022 Infiniti QX30 comparison.

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