2022 BMW 6-Series

2022 BMW 6-Series

2022 Genesis G90

2022 Genesis G90

2022 BMW 6-Series vs. 2022 Genesis G90


If you’re in the market for an all-new luxury sedan and are debating between the 2022 BMW 6-Series and the 2022 Genesis G90, it may be tough to decide which one is best for your needs. Both cars share similar features, but that doesn’t mean they are equal. Read on to find out what makes the 2022 BMW 6-Series the better choice!

Design & Style

The exterior of these cars looks very similar at first glance, but they have significant differences when you look closer at them. For example, the 2022 BMW 6-Series has a smaller grille and round headlights more modern than what you see on the 2022 Genesis G90. The front bumper design is also slightly different to enhance aerodynamics. Many owners say that both vehicles perform well overall when it comes to handling and driving performance despite their various exterior design differences.

Regarding interior design, the 2022 BMW 6-Series is a comfortable and stylish luxury sedan with excellent passenger space, solid airbags, and comprehensive electronic safety systems. It’s also very well built and drives much more like a sports car than a large vehicle, which you’ll notice immediately when you start up for that first time.

Technology & Safety

Technology and safety features are only becoming more important for luxury car buyers. The 2022 BMW 6-Series comes with an optional Driver Assistance Plus package that includes Lane Departure Warning, Collision Mitigation Braking System, traffic sign recognition, and additional active cruise control options like Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant, which keeps you centered in your lane while traffic is moving again after coming to a complete stop. Both also have blind-spot monitoring, surround-view cameras, and automatic braking systems available as an option.


Its engine performance specs and fuel economy set the 2022 BMW 6-Series apart from other vehicles. The average engine of 2022 cars produces about 116–181 horsepower, which translates to 0–95 kW of power for most machines. Take 2022 BMW 6-Series, whose engine has a total output of 294 HP (224 kW) and 420 ft-lbs of torque at 3000 RPM – that’s an insane amount of power! More to come on acceleration in a minute, but it’s important to note that these stats are just part of what makes the 2022 BMW 6-Series such an excellent vehicle for going places, no matter how far you’re traveling.

The Bottom Line

Both of these premium vehicles are fantastic cars, but which one is better for you depends on your unique situation and needs. If you live in a place with bad weather and want a luxury vehicle with ground clearance and lots of high-tech features, pick the 2022 BMW 6-Series. On top of that, if your primary goal is getting around town in style at a reasonable price, the 2022 BMW 6-Series should be your clear choice over the 2022 Genesis G90. However, if comfort is more important to you than speed and maneuverability or if you need to carry more than five people every day (or regularly), consider buying the 2022 Genesis G90 instead.

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