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2021 BMW X7 vs. 2021 Land Rover Discovery


The 2021 BMW X7 is the brand’s largest and most opulent SUV. With its near six figure price tag, passengers can expect top luxury features as well as world class performance and handling. But how does it stack up against the 2021 Land Rover Discovery, an SUV which is prized for its superb off-road handling, advanced tech and fabulous interior?

Design & Style

The Land Rover Discovery is handsome in a rugged way. Its cabin is posh and divided into three rows, and is powered by turbocharged gasoline engines. Buyers get the option of a rear differential which locks along with a dual speed style transfer case. It also has a wade mode which enhances the vehicle’s water fording abilities.

The BMW X7 is also a 3 row SUV which is capable of seating a maximum of seven passengers. It has a stately appearance with a dual kidney grille in front and metallic and wooden trim within the cabin. The black leather looks and feels great. Passengers will also be treated to large, high resolution twelve inch touch displays. It comes with standardized roof rails and the frame sits on twenty one inch wheels.

Technology & Safety

The BMW X7 comes with standardized driver assist. This includes cruise control which is adaptive, blind area monitoring, high beam automated lights, parking sensors and emergency automatic brakes. Luxuries within its cabin include a camera with surround view, heated armrests, seats which massage the back, climate control, the choice of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and panoramic sunroof.

The 2021 Land Rover Discovery comes with a complete driver assistance suite. It has all the features found in the BMW X7, including pedestrian detection and lane management. Luxuries within its cabin include a whopping 9 USB ports, the choice of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and a gauge display which is digital. Both weather and traffic updates are provided in real time.


Those that purchase the Land Rover Discovery can get an inline 6, turbocharged engine which is 3 liter and capable of generating 355 horsepower, which employs a hybrid system which is forty eight volts. It can tow approximately 8200 pounds. Those that purchase the BMW Alpina will get a V8, turbocharged engine that is 4.4 liter and capable of generating 612 horsepower with 590 pounds of torque. This enables it to accelerate from zero to sixty in just 4 seconds.

The Bottom Line

While both SUVs are impressive and well matched with regards to safety and interior amenities, the Land Rover Discovery is hampered by clunky handling, its cargo space is not very large, and the back seats won’t comfortably seat most adults. The performance of the X7 Alpina also crushes it, which makes BMW the victor.

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