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2021 BMW X6

2021 BMW X6

2021 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

2021 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

2021 BMW X6 vs. 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Velar


Stylishly fashioned with the trademark sloping roof and coupe-like rear, the 2021 BMW X6 remains one of the most iconic vehicles in the BMW stable. The 2021 X6 is not just a pretty face but it delivers superb performance, thanks to its turbocharged V6 engine. This is a car that has it all; luxury features, sporty performance and ample space inside the car. For the 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Velar, the styling is excellent although given that the same design cues are used by Land Rover in a number of their models, it is starting to look dated. Still, the Range Rover Velar has a lot to offer. Here is a comparison between these two cars and which one comes out on top.

Design & Style

The 2021 BMW X6 is almost certain to beat every other car in its category when it comes to styling. This unique coupe features a unique design without compromising interior space or even luggage space. Unlike most other SUVs with sloping rooflines, using the rear-view mirror is not compromised either, a great feat of design by BMW engineers. The interior is spacious and even the people on the rear seat have enough space to stretch their legs. With the 2021 Range Rover Velar, space is problematic, thanks largely to the design of the car. Tall passengers in the rear seat would have a problem, especially over long trips. The interior styling is as one would expect, real luxury with premium materials used all over the cabin.

Technology & Safety

When it comes to tech features, the 2021 BMW X6 comes standard with smartphone integration as well as satellite navigation. There is plenty of more tech in the X6. The infotainment system is controlled by a 12-inch infotainment display that handles both touch as well as voice commands. This makes the 2021 X6 a much safer car to drive as you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to change radio channels or change the cabin temperature. The 2021 Range Rover Velar on the other hand comes with a ten-inch infotainment display. While easy to use and intuitive, the graphics are not as high quality as one would expect from a car of this pedigree.


The 2021 BMW X6 is powered by a V6 turbocharged engine although buyers can opt for a V8 version if they would like more power. However, this is hardly needed as even the base engine delivers power in spadefuls. The car handles like a true sports SUV and the suspension cancels out most of the surface imperfections regardless of the terrain that you are driving on. The 2021 Range Rover Velar on the other hand is touted as an off-roading car but with the sluggish base engine, one is likely to struggle making this a reality. The 2021 Range Rover Velar comes with a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine, replacing the turbocharged V6 that was in the 2020 edition. This is where the biggest problem with the 2021 Range Rover Velar lies.

The Bottom Line

All said, these two SUVs are likely to please most drivers. However, the Range Rover Velar falls flat when it comes to engine performance. The decision by Range Rover to switch to a 3.0-liter engine seems to have affected the Velar’s performance. Other problems such as cabin space make the 2021 BMW X6 a clear winner in this comparison.

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