2021 BMW X5

2021 BMW X5

2021 Acura MDX

2021 Acura MDX

2021 BMW X5 vs. 2021 Acura MDX


The 2021 BMW X5 offers a superb blend of luxury and practicality that is hard to find in any SUV of its category. Interior styling is luxurious and the materials used have a luxurious feel to them. The 2021 X5 also has an athletic stance that complements its sporty features. All said, the 2021 X5 is a great car that will tick all the right boxes with drivers all around the United States.

The 2021 Acura MDX on the other hand has a comfortable cabin that Acura has cleverly designed. Though cabin space is generous, it lacks the luxurious feel of the 2021 X5. However, most drivers may not notice this as the MDX offers great exterior styling and handles decently. Here is a comparison of the two cars.

Design & Style

When it comes to interior design and styling in the 2021 BMW X5, you can count on the engineers at BMW to pull it off with panache. The 2021 X5 features a top-quality interior that is both luxurious and functional. Premium materials are everywhere and the instruments are exactly where you would expect them to be. Heated front seats and panoramic sun-rood are standard in all models.

For 2021, the MDX gets an elevated roofline which makes this SUV look bigger than its 2020 predecessor. The cabin looks and feels luxurious although, on closer inspection, one finds bits of plastic and other non-premium materials in various places. Still, this is a car with plenty to offer. Paying for optional upgrades gets you massage seats and much more.

Technology & Safety

With two 12-inch displays, the 2021 X5 makes an outstanding statement regarding its tech-rich features. The first display is a digital gauge while the second screen is for infotainment. The system is operated by BMW’s iDrive software which is both responsive and intuitive. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard in all 2021 X5 variants.

With the 2021 Acura MDX, you get a single 12.3 infotainment screen that is controlled via a center console. The 2021 MDX also comes with a digital gauge which is smaller than that in the 2021 X5. Phone connectivity is standard in all trims but most other tech features are options.


Under the hood, buyers of the 2021 BMW X5 have a choice of three powertrains including a hybrid model. The V8 model for example can hit 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4 seconds, which is remarkable for such a big SUV. All variants use an 8-speed automatic transmission which provides for a smooth ride. The 2021 X5 corners and handles beautifully.

With the 2021 MDX, you get a 3.5 hp engine that is powerful enough to make the 2021 MDX a delightful car to drive. It is sluggish, especially when moving from a dead-stop but this should not be something that bothers most casual drivers. Cornering and handling feel clumsy, not least due to the raised roofline.

The Bottom Line

While the 2021 Acura MDX is a decent vehicle in almost all aspects, it is unlikely to thrill discerning drivers. The 2021 X5 on the other hand combines good looks with a great driving experience. This makes the 2021 BMW X5 the clear winner in this category.

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