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2021 BMW X1

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2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

2021 BMW X1 vs. 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe


The 2021 BMW X1 is the SUV that is everyone is talking about, due to its outstanding transmission, relaxing seats and extensive cargo space. How does it compare to the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe, an SUV which has received praise for its hybrid option, efficient powertrain and large touch displays?

Design & Style

The Hyundai Santa Fe SUV is a crossover which is moderate in size. Its Calligraphy trim is very impressive and both the cabin and face have been updated. The exterior is adorned in cutlines and stampings which are designed to give it a sporty look with an attractive grille in front. Passengers within the cabin will be presented with pod like vents and a dashboard that has been lowered with infotainment screens that are ten inches in size.

The BMW X1 has a clean cut presentation with prominent intakes and trim which is colored match. Within the cabin, the controls are concisely arranged within the central dashboard where drivers and passengers can easily access them. The surfaces and seats are covered in premium leather and polished wooden trim.

Technology & Safety

The BMW X1 has received a stellar five star rating courtesy of the NHTSA. The IIHS was also impressed, as the X1 is equipped with all the modern countermeasures including automated emergency brakes, high beam automated lights, multiple airbags, and cruise control that is adaptive with lane departure notifications. Luxuries within its cabin include seats that can be powered adjusted and ventilated, windshield wipers that can detect rain automatically and compatibility with Apple CarPlay.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is equipped with many of the features found in the BMW, including cruise control, blind area monitoring, lane control, emergency automated brakes and high beam style LED headlights. Luxuries within its cabin include a camera with surround view, Harman Kardon audio system, panoramic sunroof, navigational system and satellite radio.


The Hyundai Santa Fe is equipped with an inline 4, 2.5 liter engine that can generate 191 horsepower that is wedded to an automatic eight speed transmission, which allows it to accelerate from zero to sixty in around 8.5 seconds. The BMW X1 is equipped with a turbo 4, 2 liter engine that can generate 228 horsepower with 258 pounds of torque which enables it to accelerate from zero to sixty in about 6.6 seconds. It is also connected to an eight speed automatic transmission.

The Bottom Line

While the engineers at Hyundai put in a valiant effort, the Santa Fe is mired by inadequate leg room in the rear seats, its infotainment controller is clunky, and the BMW has superior horsepower and acceleration time, which makes the X1 the winner.

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