2020 BMW 8-Series

2021 BMW 8-Series

2021 Ferrari Roma

2021 Ferrari Roma

2021 BMW 8-Series vs. 2021 Ferrari Roma


The 2021 BMW 8-Series is a spectacular car with tremendous M8 power, exceptional handling, and all the newest technology you’d expect for its near six figure price tag. But how does it compare to the 2021 Ferrari Roma, a true Italian supercar with fabulous design, a royal interior and racetrack level performance?

Design & Style

The Ferrari Roma is a stylish coupe with sexy curves and a breathtaking presentation. Named after the capital of Italy, its sheet metal pays homage to Ferrari models manufactured during the 1960s and is constructed with lightweight yet durable components and various dynamic systems.  Passengers within the cabin will be surrounded by leather and faux suede, a floating central console, sweeping dashboard and digital gauge cluster which is sixteen inches in size.

The BMW 8-Series is a four door sedan which can also be purchased in the form of a convertible or coupe. Buyers have multiple wheel options. The exterior is aerodynamic and sharp, and those fortunate enough to sit in the cabin will be treated to ten inch touch displays. The upholstery looks best in either bold or light hues.

Technology & Safety

Every BMW 8-Series comes with emergency automated brakes, LED lights which are adaptive, lane departure notifications, and the ability to detect nearby pedestrians and stop for them. Buyers can also add driver assistance which provides cruise control that is adaptive along with the ability to automatically handle traffic jams. Luxuries within its cabin include climate control, premium audio, powered seats that can be heated or cooled depending on the season, and smartphone compatibility.

Unlike many supercars, which have no driver assistance to speak of, the engineers at Ferrari are getting with the times and have included it in the Roma. This includes cruise control which is adaptive, blind area monitoring, lane departure alerts, and notifications for cross traffic in the rear. Luxuries within its cabin include eight inch displays with infotainment.


The Roma continues Ferrari’s tradition of providing uncompromising power. To this end, it is equipped with a V8, 3.9 liter engine that can generate 612 horsepower with 561 pound of torque, which are connected to a dual clutch eight speed automatic transmission. It can accelerate from zero to sixty in just 3.1 seconds.

The 8-Series is one of the most powerful models to be offered by BMW. Those that purchase the M8 Competition Package will get a V8, 617 horsepower engine that can accelerate from zero to sixty in three seconds.

The Bottom Line

While this contest may seem close at first glance, the Ferrari Roma has smaller touchscreens, its automatic gearbox upshifts excessively, it doesn’t provide a drop top variant, and the BMW 8-Series has equal acceleration time with superior safety features, making it the winner.

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