2020 BMW 8-Series

2021 BMW 8-Series

2021 Ferrari Portofino

2021 Ferrari Portofino

2021 BMW 8-Series vs. 2021 Ferrari Portofino


The 2021 BMW 8-Series is a magnificent coupe with incredible speed and acceleration, superb handling, and world class extravagance. How does it compare to the 2021 Ferrari Portofino, a gorgeous supercar with thrilling exhaust and an extremely powerful dual turbocharged engine?

Design & Style

The Portofino is everything you’d expect from Ferrari; it’s fast, sexy and formidable. The trunk won’t hold much and the rear seat is small, but it was built primarily for performance rather than practicality. It has a retractable hardtop that can be stowed and buyers can customize the gauges, brake calipers, exhaust pipes and body color as they see fit. The wheels come in different designs and it has powered seats that can be adjusted eighteen different ways which are ventilated.

The BMW 8-Series comes with four doors and may be purchased as a convertible or coupe. Both look great, as they come with multiple wheel options and the interior looks fantastic. Passengers within the cabin will be presented with ten inch touch displays and the seats provide outstanding back support and are powered, ventilated and covered in leather that feels smooth and soft to the touch.

Technology & Safety

The BMW 8-Series provides an array of protective countermeasures. This includes assistance with traffic jams, limited hands free operation, LED lights which are adaptive, alerts when departing lanes, multiple airbags, emergency automated brakes and pedestrian detection. Luxuries within its cabin include premium audio, climate control and smartphone compatibility.

The Ferrari Portofino also offers driver assistance in the form of pedestrian detection, blind area monitoring and cruise control which is adaptive. Luxuries within its cabin include ten inch touch displays, a navigational system, wind deflector, and multiple drive modes including manettino which is the race setting for those who intend to drive the vehicle on a racetrack.


The Ferrari Portofino is outfitted with a V8, dual turbocharged engine that can generate up to 612 horsepower, which enables it to accelerate from zero to sixty in just 3.1 seconds that is connected to a dual clutch automatic eight speed transmission. It can reach a maximum top speed of 199 mph. Those that purchase the BMW M8 Competition will get a 617 horsepower engine that can accelerate from zero to sixty in 3 seconds, with a maximum speed of 189 miles per hour.

The Bottom Line

While the BMW 8-Series and Ferrari Portofino are evenly matched when it comes to performance, safety and interior amenities, the Ferrari only seats 2 passengers while the BMW seats four, and the Portofino’s cargo space is inadequate with lackluster fuel economy, which makes the BMW 8-Series the winner.

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