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2021 BMW 7-Series vs. 2021 Rolls Royce Wraith


The 2021 BMW 7-Series is an extraordinary sedan for the distinguished and privileged. Its cutting edge technology, magnificent engines and plush cabin place it in a class of its own. But how does it stack up against the 2021 Rolls Royce Wraith, an ultra-high end car with a royal interior, exquisite comfort and formidable performance?

Design & Style

The Rolls Royce Wraith has one trim which is exceptionally versatile. The windshield wipers are able to sense rain, the side mirrors automatically dim and power fold and the seats in front are powered, plush and heated and can provide massages while being adjusted eight different ways. It carries a maximum of four passengers and there is approximately seventeen cubic feet worth of cargo space.

The BMW 7-Series is conservative and classy. It has a large kidney grille in front with a lovely exterior that is smooth in some places and sharp in others. The sheer harmonic balance must be seen in person to be fully appreciated, as photos do not fully do it justice. Every surface in the cabin is covered in elaborate materials including authentic wooden trim, polished metal and supple leather.

Technology & Safety

The BMW 7-Series features all the newest driver assist technology, including lane control which is active, multiple airbags, emergency automated brakes, cruise control that is adaptive, and assistance getting out of traffic jams. Amenities within the cabin include a high fidelity sound system with multiple speakers, climate control, seats which are powered and heated, iDrive infotainment, and support for Apple CarPlay.

The Rolls Royce Wraith, like the BMW 7-Series, is far too expensive to crash test. However, it is also equipped with driver assistance functions that are made to stop collisions before they occur. This includes lane departure alerts, standardized back and front parking sensors and cruise control which is adaptive. Luxuries within its cabin include a stereo with eighteen speakers, wifi, and Bluetooth support with audio streaming.


The Rolls Royce Wraith is outfitted with a V12, 6.6 liter engine that can generate 624 horsepower with 605 pounds of torque that is connected to an automatic eight speed transmission. It can accelerate from zero to sixty in around 4.3 seconds. Its steering is weighted lightly with an air suspension which is designed to avoid jolts and bumps. Those that purchase the BMW M760i will get a V12, dual turbo engine that can generate 601 horsepower, enabling it to accelerate from zero to sixty in just 3.6 seconds.

The Bottom Line

While the BMW 7-Series and Rolls Royce Wraith are practically tied when it comes to safety, luxury features and performance, the 7-Series carries five passengers while the Rolls Royce only carries four, and this combined with its inferior fuel economy makes BMW the winner.

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