2021 BMW 7-Series

2021 BMW 7-Series

2021 Jaguar XJ

2021 Jaguar XJ

2021 BMW 7-Series vs. 2021 Jaguar XJ


The 2021 BMW 7-Series is a large luxury sedan that offers excellent ride dynamics without compromising on luxury. With a plush interior and a spacious trunk, the 2021 7-Series is an executive sedan with a difference. Being among the largest BMW sedans, you can expect outstanding ride quality delivered quietly and effectively. For those looking for a full-size luxury sedan, it is difficult to find anything that betters the 2021 BMW 7-Series.

When it comes to the 2021 Jaguar XJ, buyers will get an all-electric, full-size sedan when Jaguar rolls out the 2021 XJ mid-2021. While the 2021 XJ is still expected to retain its luxury pedigree, it will be interesting to see how a full-size all-electric luxury sedan performs in this competitive segment. Here is a comparison of the two cars.

Design & Style

Given that the 2021 BMW 7-Series is an executive sedan, the interior is full of luxury features with almost everything being of the highest quality. The 2021 7-Series has a striking exterior as well and the large wheels add to its imposing stance. This is a car that is designed to be at home in any upscale area.

The 2021 Jaguar XJ is expected to retain most of the styling of its predecessors. With its front-sloping hood and pronounced body lines, the 2021 Jaguar XJ appears to follow the same design cues as most other luxury sedans. This car will likely be offered in two versions namely standard size and the long-wheelbase version for those looking for extra space in the cabin.

Technology & Safety

Being one of BMW’s flagship sedans, the 2021 7-Series offers a host of tech features as standard. These include a 12.3-inch infotainment display that is powered by BMW’s iDrive software. The 2021 BMW 7-Series also comes with voice and gesture command capability, making it safer to operate the infotainment system while on the road. Other features in the 2021 7-Series include phone charging consoles as well as smartphone integration.

If the 2021 Jaguar XJ is decked out like its predecessors, buyers can expect a range of tech features such as a 20-speaker audio system as well as a touchscreen infotainment display. Smartphone integration features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are almost certain to be included as standard as well.


The 2021 BMW 7 Series is offered in three variants namely a V6, V8 and V12. The base model, which is the V6, is adequately powered and offers a smooth ride even when carrying a full load. Those looking for more power can opt for the larger engines. Given that the 2021 BMW 7-Series is an executive sedan, passengers can expect excellent ride quality with the suspension system canceling out any road imperfections.

The 2021 Jaguar XJ is expected to be a fully electric sedan which is Jaguar’s first foray into all-electric sedans.

The Bottom Line

Given the 2021 Jaguar XJ will be highly experimental, it would probably be wise to skip the 2021 version in order to allow Jaguar to work out all the inevitable kinks. With the high sticker price that cars in this category command, we would highly recommend choosing the 2021 BMW 7-Series over the 2021 Jaguar XJ as the 2021 7-Series is a time-proven vehicle with a great pedigree.

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