2020 BMW 4-Series

2021 BMW 4-Series

2021 KIA Stinger

2021 KIA Stinger

2021 BMW 4-Series vs. 2021 KIA Stinger


With great looks and excellent driving dynamics, sports sedans do not come any better than the 2021 BMW 4-Series. This is a vehicle that has true sports credentials thanks to its brilliant performance. The 4-Series is a two-door sports sedan that offers a roomy interior, plenty of tech features, and much more. With a generous trunk space, the 4-Series is as practical as it is fun to drive. This is a car that is sure to thrill all driving enthusiasts. The 2021 KIA Stinger is a handsome sports sedan with good driving dynamics. While its overall features are likely to please most people, the Stinger suffers from poor quality materials in the cabin. It also does not deliver as refined a ride as the 4-Series.

Design & Style

The BMW 4-Series was designed with sporty performance in mind. This explains why the car has such unique looks. The 4-Series comes with a low-slung profile and flared wheel arches that enhance this aggressive look. With tapered headlights and a retouched front grille, this is a sports sedan that will turn heads everywhere. The interior is just as good with premium materials all over the vehicle. That said, this is a fantastic car in every way possible. While the 2021 KIA Stinger’s exterior styling is very good, the same cannot be said of the interior. Even for 2021, the Stinger still has a dated design which is made worse by cheap plastics and fabrics that are used in the interior.

Technology & Safety

The 4-Series features a superb infotainment system that is controlled by an 8-inch touchscreen display. Running on BMW’s iDrive software, the infotainment system is responsive and features crisp-clear graphics. Also, standard is smartphone integration and blind-spot monitoring technology. Standard tech in the KIA Stinger includes a six-speaker audio system as well as a touchscreen infotainment display. The problem here (as with many other elements of the Stinger) is the quality of the tech. For example, the infotainment system is sluggish and can be tricky to use when driving.


Under the hood, the 2021 4-Series comes standard with a turbocharged 2-liter engine that ensures the 4-Series is fast and nimble. Mated with 8-speed automatic transmission, the 4-Series handles superbly and corners are dispatched efficiently. The car never feels underpowered and the suspension ensures that surface imperfections are barely felt. The KIA Stinger is powered by a slightly larger 2.5-liter turbocharged engine which is pretty powerful. We would however recommend upgrading to the V6 version which delivers a much better ride.

The Bottom Line

The 2021 KIA Stinger and the 2021 BMW 4-Series are hard to compare as one is truly a sports sedan while the other is not. The Stinger may look sporty but falls flat when it comes to performance. The interior is also very sub-par which makes it fall even further behind the 4-Series. This makes the BMW 4-Series the undisputed winner in this comparison.

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