2020 BMW X3

2020 Volvo V60

2020 Volvo V60

2020 BMW X3 vs. 2020 Volvo V60


The new 2020 BMW X3 is not in the form of a BMW Sedan as many expected. Instead, it is a one of a kind X3 Crossover. Designed for success with a dual purpose nature, it appeals to car lovers with a knack for luxury. It comes along with a powerful turbocharged four cylinder as well as a premium interior to underline BMW’s emphasis on comfort. Power hungry car lovers will low how the model utilizes the turbocharged inline six to grip just about any terrain and muscle its way along the road. As for technology, the model is way ahead other competing models as it comes along with a modernized iDrive infotainment system and more importantly, a wide range of driver assistance features.

Then there is the 2020 Volvo v60 which stands out as the X3’s main competitor. It is a front engine, all-wheel drive 4 door wagon with a strong engine. Take note though that its engine is 2.0 liter inline engine, which makes it less superior to the X3. X3 also stands head and shoulders above Volvo V60 in other aspects such as suspension, safety, technology and overall performance.

Design & Style

2020 BMW X3 features a 10 way power adjustable front seats complete with adjustable side bolsters. This makes it easy for the driver and passengers to find a comfortable position. Back seats feature reclining setbacks for more comfort. You will love the models glossy woodgrain trim, the stitched faux leather dash, ambient lighting and all the extra elements of luxury. Simply put, the Beamer’s design and style will leave you in awe.

2020 Volvo V60 tries to match up the Beamer. It does not quit beat it for pretty much obvious reasons. The interior is well designed though not as comfortable. There isn’t much space for passengers to snuggle their feet. The driver’s sitting position also forces the driver to stretch a little bit so as to access essential knobs like the stereo knob.

Technology & Safety

2020 BMW X3’s infotainment system is world-class. It will most likely leave you in awe. It provides a full complement of advanced features complete with Bluetooth phone connectivity. Its 6 inch infotainment display makes it easy for you to drive as you enjoy the models cruise navigation system. Two USB ports available means you can use and charge two devices at the same time. As for safety, you will love the convenience that comes along with the automated emergency braking system, blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning and forward collision warning.

2020 Volvo V60 features blind spot and emergency braking system warning as well. It is worth noting though that the systems differ in terms of specifications. While BMW’s systems have proven reliable time and again with little to no need for frequent updates, Volvo’s systems will force you to chip in extra for upgrades and regular updates.




The Beamer here is a beast, capable of hitting the 60 mph mark in less than 5 seconds.  Its 355 hp turbocharged six cylinder engine works seamlessly with the 8 speed transmission system. The beat arcs around corners with mind-blowing athleticism and impressive precision. It also guarantees safety all while staying fuel efficient.

Again, 2020 Volvo V60 tries to play catch up as far as performance is concerned. Beamer wins effortlessly. Note that Volvo V60 is a hybrid model. It is also a guzzler. These two setbacks alone mean you will have hard time replenishing the battery especially when driving off road for long hours.

The Bottom Line

2020 BMW X3 checks all the vital boxes. It meets performance, style, design, safety and technology specifications.  For all these perks, its price tag can be described as a bargain. Driving guarantees an out of this world experience.

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