2020 BMW X2


2020 Chrysler Voyager

2020 BMW X2 vs. 2020 Chrysler Voyager


Think of the new 2020 BMW X2 as a classier alternative to its most popular competitor from the same family – the BMW X1 SUV. With a chassis and engine that has been described as playful and eager in that order, saying no to 2020 BMW X2 is, by all means, a pipe dream. Its allure is simply impossible to resist. You’ll quickly notice its sportier sheet metal easily draws attention. That’s not all though. The fact that it provides blistering acceleration with minimum ease is a reason good enough to convince you to own a BMW X2.

Design & Style

BMWs never disappoint when it comes to design and style. X2 features a nicely outfitted cabin that is also well built. You also get to enjoy a great driving position, something that the 2020 Chrysler Voyager could borrow learn from. You also get to choose from several upholstery color options ranging from genuine leather all the way to faux options. The shapelier exterior caps off what the car is all about – excellence.

Technology & Safety

BMW models are known for their world-class infotainment systems. 2020 BMW X2 does not depart from this BMW norm. If anything it lives up to its billing with in-dash navigation, a smattering of unique driver assistance features, and in-dash navigation, all displayed on an 8.8-inch touchscreen.  Note that 2020 BMW X2’s iDrive software interface can easily be controlled by the center console which can easily be mounted on the rotary knob.

Not so much can be said of 2020 Chrysler Voyager’s safety features. That it offers an intuitive navigation system is a plus. But still, it doesn’t quite have an edge on what 2020 BMW X2 is all about when it comes to safety features like collision avoidance and driver assistance features.


You’ll quickly notice lots of similarities between X2 and X1 as far as engine matters are concerned. X2 actually shares its powertrain engine with X1. The two, therefore, boast of a 228 hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine. X2 also boasts of a mind-blowing eight-speed automatic transmission as well as a front-wheel-drive system or as BMW experts like to say, the sDrive28i system. There is of course, the xDrive 28 option which is an all-wheel-drive alternative.  The engine revs up within minutes, is gutsy and of course, powerful.

2020 Chrysler Voyager comes close to what BMW X2 is all about but it just doesn’t beat it. Drive the BMW once and the Chrysler option will instantly feel like a downgrade solely because of the engine power, speed and comfort. You may also have a few reservations about its interior and exterior designs.

The Bottom Line

You get to choose between a front-wheel and an all-wheel option. You then end up with an engine that is always eager to rev up. What more can one ask for? 2020 BMW X2 simply lives up to its hype. Its safety features stand out as the icing on the cake pretty much the way the car’s aesthetic elements such as style and design do.

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