2020 BMW X2

2020 Acura RDX

2020 Acura RDX

2020 BMW X2 vs. 2020 Acura RDX


If you are looking for an exciting ride that also offers unmatched functionality, then the 2020 BMW X2 is the car for you. The ride quality is fun and sporty, harking back to its rich BMW heritage. Yet with ample cargo and cabin space, this is a car that is very functional and can easy to shopping and school runs without much fuss.

With the 2020 Acura RDX, you get different versions with a number of features added as you move up the line-up. The disappointing thing about this approach is that there is no performance change even with the pricy Spec-A model. Some tech is thrown with the more premium models but most of these come standard on the 2020 X2.

Design & Style

When you opt for the 2020 BMW X2, you get a sporty car that looks and feels premium. The exterior features the stylish BMW theme look although this has been refined for 2020 to give the X2 an even more aggressive stance. When it comes to the interior, you can expect a comfortable yet surprisingly roomy cabin. You also get generous trunk space making the 2020 BMW X2 as functional as it is attractive.

With the 2020 Acura RDX, there has been little change from 2019 as the car had been overhauled last year. The interior is spacious enough although those looking for a luxury feel will be disappointed.

Technology & Safety  

When it comes to tech and safety features, you can’t go wrong with the 2020 BMW X2. It comes with a number of tech features such as navigation which is controlled from an 8.8-inch infotainment display. The 2020 X2 features the BMW iDrive system which makes using the infotainment system seamless. Other safety features include forward collision warning among many more.

The v Acura RDX comes with a 10-inch infotainment display that can be a little sluggish but this should not trouble most drivers much. The dashboard styling can be a little confusing, thanks to Acura’s design theme but just as with the infotainment system, people who buy this car will eventually get used to it.


Under the hood, you can expect your 2020 BMW X2 to come with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that turns out 228 hp. This means that your 2020 X2 will never feel underpowered and an 8-speed transmission delivers a silky-smooth ride. Performance is brilliant and engine noise is always at a minimum even when you floor the gas pedal.

With the 2020 Acura RDX, you get a four-cylinder 2.0 engine that turns out 272 hp. While acceleration is within acceptable ranges, the transmission system is slightly sluggish, something that is unlikely to go well with car enthusiasts.

The Bottom Line

When the 2020 BMW X2 is compared to the 2020 Acura RDX, it is pretty clear that the 2020 X2 is streets ahead. From tech to styling, the 2020 X2 beats the RDX in almost all categories. This makes the 2020 BMW X2 the clear winner in this comparison.

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