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2020 BMW M5

2020 BMW M5

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2020 Volvo S60

2020 BMW M5 vs. 2020 Volvo S60


Any car performance expert will tell you for a fact that a twin turbo 4.4 liter V8 engine is extremely powerful. Add a 600 horsepower and a 553 lb fit of torque and the engine becomes something else. Something even stronger. That is exactly what the new 2020 BMW M5 series is all about. It is not just powerful. It is a force to reckon with. It is fast. It is sleek. It is all you will ever need in a luxury SUV. Its closes competitor, the new 2020 Volvo S6O tries to play catch up but it does not really match what the M5 has to offer in terms of speed, engine torque and even other subtle elements like aesthetics and interior design.

Design & Style

With the M5, you’re guaranteed an elegant leather interior. That will most likely impress you. But that is just but the tip of the iceberg. The M5 has so much to offer in terms of design and style. You’ll most likely fall in love with the driver’s seating position which is strategically optimized for not just comfort but also performance style driving. Everything is accessible for the driver from the radio all the way to air conditioning. You also get to enjoy customizable ambient interior lighting as well as heated rear seats, a four zone automatic climate control system and ventilated front seats complete with massage functions.

The new 2020 Volvo tries to play catch up in terms of design and style but still, the M5 series stands out. With the Volvo model, ambient interior lighting and leather seats stand out. Everything else is what you’d find in many luxury sedan models.

Technology & Safety

Standard lane departure warning as well as lane keeping assist are just but good examples of what M5 is all about when it comes to safety. It does not end there of course. Other safety perks include adaptive cruise control complete with stop and go technology. There is also standard forward collision warning coupled with automated emergency braking.

Standard lane departure warning stands out in the new 2020 Volvo S60. Beyond that, there are a handful of usual safety features like automated emergency brake warning. As far as technology and safety features are concerned, the M5 series is simply miles ahead of Volvo’s 2020 S60 model.


The M5 is a beast on the road. That is something you’d expect of a car that comes along with an engine capable of churning 553 lb-ft torque. The highlight though is the engine’s ability to churn 600+ horsepower. The car’s high tech drivetrain can easily send 100 percent power to all rear wheels for what BMW likes to describe as read drive personality.

2020 Volvo S60’s four cylinder turbo charged engine is worth noting. It can churn 280 plus horsepower. But that’s all. There isn’t much one can write other than these two highlights.

The Bottom Line

2020 BMW M5 series was designed with perfection in mind. It delivers in all aspects, right from performance on the road to comfort as well as speed. Its design and gadgetry set the vehicle apart from close competitors like the new 2020 Volvo s60.

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