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2020 BMW M5 vs. 2020 Hummer H2

To say the all-time popular 2020 BMW M5 is a four-door super car is not in any way an overstatement. If anything, the adjective does not quite capture what the model is all about. it features a twin-turbocharged 4.4 litre V8 engine capable of producing 617 horsepower (this is actually 17 times more than the standard BMW M5 produces. It does not end there. The 2020 M5 also produces 553 pound feet of torque.

Its 8 speed automatic transmission coupled with a driveline that can easily switch between all-wheel drive and rear drive will make you feel like you’re driving a futuristic car. Hit the acceleration gear and the speedometer will read 156 mph in less than 3.1 seconds. Remove the digital shackles that peg the speed at 156 mph and the beast will cruise at 190mph in less than 4 seconds!

Then there is the 2020 Hummer H2 which is also great, only that it lacks in so many aspects where the 2020 BMW M5 performs exceptionally well. To start with, the exterior aesthetic appeal of the2020 H2 is wanting. The same can be said of other factors such as speed and comfort.

Design & Style

You will immediately notice the 2020 BMW M5 front seats which are incredibly comfortable to say the least. The seats feature 20-way adjustability for your extra comfort. The vehicle’s accent lighting system is simply scintillating. It offers a wide range of selection colors as well as a choice to mix colors with a nice two tone setting. It is almost as if you’re customizing your beamer to your preference.

2020 Hummer lacks in that aspect. Its design is compact, a factor that has taken a toll on its interior space. There isn’t enough leg room too for the passengers which is a huge concern for anyone keen on comfort and elegance in a car.

Technology & Safety

This is where things get interesting. You will particularly fall in love if you’re driving a beamer for the first time. Lane keeping assist, forward collision warning and automated emergency braking system all mean you can have an easy time driving. The steering wheel system is also super sensitive for your convenience.

2020 Hummer H2 also comes along with a myriad of safety features. You will note though that BMW is way ahead of Hummer especially with the lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring systems.  Hummer has however given BMW a run for their money with their adaptive cruise control which comes really close to what 2020 BMW M5 has to offer.


You have to give it up to 2020 BMW M5 where speed is concerned. While BMW clinches 156 mph in just 3 seconds, 2020 Hummer H2 hits the mark in approximately 5 seconds. This alone, gives beamer an edge. The M5 is also fuel efficient. This is strange given that it is an 8 speed transmission model with high torque output.

The Bottom Line

Think of luxury and immediately the 2020 BMW M5 comes into the picture. It guarantees smooth handling. But that is not what makes it unique. The fact that it is a beast on the road with a high torque and fuel efficiency makes it a winner in so many aspects. It also guarantees safety, which is a perk worth mentioning.

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