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2020 BMW M4

2020 BMW M4

2020 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe

2020 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe

2020 BMW M4 vs. 2020 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe


With a slew of advanced safety features and robust engine, the BMW M4 is a car worth owning. This 2020 special edition luxurious car sells in three different colors with full leather seats and quality carbon-fibre interior design. The 2020 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe is known for its handsome and muscular appearance, backed by 18-inch wheels, vent-like indentation, gaping air dams and LED headlights.

Design & Style

The 2020 BMW 4-Series remains to be undisputed in terms of sportiness and productiveness. The driver’s seat is customized to maximize comfort and support for smooth driving and motoring. Its sporty design is further highlighted by its very own 18-inch M alloy wheels, an aluminum power dome hood and LED headlights. Its interior space is also comfortable for four adults, two front and two at the rear. Its spacious head and leg room along with its driver-oriented structure gives the BMW M4 the versality as a wild sports car and one for running family errands.

A handsome car showing off a slender yet muscular style, the AMG C63 is suitable for stable and fast driving. Though a four-seater, the two rear seats can only be occupied by young children as climbing into the back is an exercise. The front seats are spacious and comfortable, supported by the 14-way power adjustment and low mounting point. However, it is not flexible in terms of seating, and driving long can send an ache around your spine.

Technology & Safety

The technology of the 2020 BMW M4 will impress you. Its front seats are adjustable with 14-way power and four-way lumbar support, a driver’s memory system, and even a heating function. Its dual-zone automatic climate control are to provide extra comfort for passengers, while the driver enjoys a keyless start, push-button ignition, auto-dimming rearview mirror and way more. Its safety features includes necessary functions such as front collision and lane departure warnings, and blind-spot monitoring. It also has an 8.8 inch HD touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth audio connection and many more.

The AMG C63 comes with keyless entry, an electronic trunk shutter, dual-zone climate control, with an addition of remote starts with your phone and a 12.3inch digital cluster. It does not have Apple CarPlay unlike the M4, but it also provides heating functions for seats, adaptive cruise control, and various drive modes to meet your preferences, such as Comfort, Sport, Slippery and more. It is an exceptional car and puts up a good fight when it is in comparison with the BMW M4.


With a 3-liter Twin Turbo Inline 6-Gas, the 2020 BMW M4 reaches a maximum output of 425 horsepower at 5500 rpm while 2020 AMG C63 has a higher horsepower of 469 at 5500rpm. It is undeniably that the AMG C63 is stronger in terms of horsepower, but the M4’s liter Twin Turbo Inline 6-Gas is more efficient that the AMG C63’s Twin-Turbo V8 Gas.

The Bottom Line

When you take into consideration its lightweight, comfort, consistent performance and safety, the BMW M4 is slightly better than the Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe. It has more gearbox options and there are packages where you can increase the horsepower of the sports car, if you want.

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