2020 BMW M2

2020 BMW M2

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor

2020 BMW M2 vs. 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor


BMW could have easily looked elsewhere for a powerful engine to match all the extras that come along with the 2020 BMW 2. The automotive giants didn’t have to that though. Instead, it snatched a lethal and powerful beast already in its arsenal – the potent s55 twin turbo engine from the M4. Its torque stands at 406 lb-ft so you know for sure you have a beast on the road. Its 8 speed transmission is also unique just in case you feed the urge to speed in style.  Then there is the 2020 ranger raptor which comes pretty close to what the 2020 BMW M2 is all about as far as comfort it concerned. Ultimately though, it losses out on the weighing scale once you add in speed and performance aspects the two models have to offer.

Design & Style

You cannot miss the stunning details that define the 2020 BMW M2. It boasts of an enhanced aerodynamic design complete with an enlarged air inlet. Add glaring LED and fog lights into the mix and you have elegance staring at you. The interior is even more appealing with ample space for the driver and passengers, thanks to adjustable seats. For the driver, all essential knobs can be easily accessed, making your BMW driving experience one you can always look forward to.

The 2020 Ford Ranger will immediately grab your attention with its off road design. It is somewhat appealing though one has to admit that the 2020 BMW M2 beat it hands down design-wise. Interior space may bother you as it does not guarantee too much comfort.

Technology & Safety

BMW revolutionized driving immediately it rolled out its safety features like the forward collision warning. The feature now seems standard as BMW keeps on rolling out amazing technology and safety features. Take the M2’s new precision strut made of premium fiber reinforced plastic for instance. It is designed to maximize steering wheel precision so you can easily maneuver on different terrains with ease. The icing on top of the cake has to be the extra safety and technology features like blind sport monitoring and automated emergency braking systems which make you feel safe each time you’re behind the wheels.

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor also boasts of a number of safety features like forward collision warning and automated emergency braking. Other safety and technological features like Wi-Fi hotspot come at a price.


With the unmistakable roar of its M TwinPower biTurbo 6 cylinder engine, there is no doubt at all that the 2020 BMW M2 is beast. You easily cruise from 0 all the way to 62 mph in just 4 seconds! 2020  BMW M2 is certainly a marvel!

The Bottom Line

It has the speed. It has the strength. It performs with a lot of ease. Think of it as you ultimate luxury sedan with a sporty touch. It has its racing DNA carefully and intricately factored in nearly all automotive aspects.

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